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We will accept (subject to approval outlined on the information page) assignments from undergraduate and Masters level that are from the following modules / courses:


Year Written
Module Title
Module Code
1 Systematic Programming 171CS/R171CS
1 Introduction to Computers and Networks 133CS/R133CS
1 Information Systems Development R131IS
1 Computer Programming R159CS
1 Introduction to the Internet and Multimedia 124CS/R124CS
2 Software Engineering 208CS/R208CS/R2208CS
2 Systems Development Tools and Techniques 266IS/H66IS/R266IS/R2266IS
2 Applied Programming 238CS
3 Client/Server Software Development R379CS
3 Computer Project Management 326IS
3 Computer Systems Design 330CS/R330CS
3 Software Engineering 208CS/R208CS/R2208CS
4 modules (subject to approval) from Computing MSc degree Any
4 modules (subject to approval) from Computer Science MSc degree Any


Please feel free to e-mail if you feel that any other relevant modules should be included in the above list.