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Alois Heuboeck



Alois works as a research fellow at the Department of Applied Linguistics at the School of Languages and European Studies, University of Reading. His contribution to the BAWE corpus project includes:


  • mark-up design

  • developing tools for automatic and semi-automatic annotation

  • corpus collection

  • conducting and analysing interviews

  • corpus analysis


Alois has done his MA in Applied Linguistics at the University of Vienna (with major options in discourse analysis, text linguistics
and sociolinguistics). He also earned a postgraduate degree (DESS/Master) in Computational Linguistics from Sorbonne.

Before joining the BAWE project, he worked as a linguistic engineer for the French Atomic Energy Agency (CEA) near Paris,
where he gained expertise in the domains of development and enhancement of linguistic resources, shallow parsing, corpus
annotation and finite-state automata driven Natural Language Processing.