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UK-funded ELT Projects - Electronic Resources

Electronic files held by the Warwick ELT Archive:

Evaluation reports by Dr Christopher Tribble, donated to Warwick ELT Archive by The British Council (Adrian Odell) with Dr Tribble's permission:

- Vietnam (The Vietnam Teacher Training Network, 2000-2006)

- Sri Lanka (The Military Communication Skills Project)

- Azerbaijan (The ELT INSETT Project)

 Links to electronic files held elsewhere:

Holliday, Adrian. 1991. Dealing with tissue rejection in EFL projects : the role of an ethnographic means analysis. PhD thesis, University of Lancaster. [British Library]

Bentall, Clare. 2003. Communication and teachers' learning during training: A case study of the Secondary and Technical English Project, Mozambique. PhD thesis, University of London [British Library]

Borton, John, Cyril Weir and John Roberts. [1991]. The Role and Design of Baseline Studies in the Evaluation of English Language Training in the Case of Nepal. Evaluation Report EV485. [DFID]

Gu, Qing. 2004. In-service teacher education in cross-cultural settings: An investigation into Sino-British institutional development projects in the People's Republic of China. PhD thesis, University of Birmingham. [British Library]

Hawthorne, E. and C. Lane. 1994. The Role and Design of Baseline Studies in the Evaluation of English Language Teacher Training in the Case of Guinea. Evaluation Report EV511. [DFID]

Kerr, R.G. 2003. Changing discourse, the discourse of change: a critical analysis of discourse in the fields of English language teaching, governance and development. PhD thesis, Lancaster University. [British Library]

Wedell, Martin. 2000. Managing educational change in a turbulent environment: the Eltsup project in Hungary 1991-1998. PhD thesis, University of Glamorgan. [British Library]

Later (post-project) additions of relevant source material:

Coffey, B., Ed. Teacher Training and the Curiculum: An Investigation. Papers Relating to the Dunford House Seminar (England, United Kingdom, July 19-29,
1982). London: British Council. Online: