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Resources for TESOL 'methods' courses

This page is under construction. The intention is mainly to construct a resource for instructors wishing to provide a more accurate historical basis than that generally available for introductions to TESOL methods / for students and researchers interested in the same. The sources listed below are - in the main - either contemporary or near-contemporary sources or well-researched retrospective accounts. There are also some video resources (documentary extracts or recorded lesson demonstrations).


Castagnaro, P.J. 2006. 'Audiolingual Method and behaviorism: from misunderstanding to myth'. Applied Linguistics 27/3: 519-526.

Woodsworth, J.A. 1967. 'An analysis of the audio-lingual approach as applied to methods of teaching Russian'. MA dissertation, Simon Fraser University, Canada. Available online:

Smith and Baranyi 1968 report on comparison of audiolingual with 'traditional' method (Pennsylvania Project):

Zillo, F. [1973?] 'The birth and death of the Audio-lingual Method'. ERIC document ED080005. Available online: 

Video to accompany Diane Larsen-Freeman's Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching. Audiolingual Method demonstration lesson (part 1):

Total Physical Response (TPR) / Natural Approach / Suggestopedia

Extract from A Child's Guide to Language (Horizon, BBC, 1983) featuring a demonstration of TPR and interview with James Asher:

1) First part of the same from the beginning (including beginning of Krashen lecture): [ends with Primary French / Burstall report]

2) (this contains Krashen's demo of 'Natural Approach' - note similarity with Sauveur's); scenes of Defense Institute Chinese lesson with adults making mistakes; ends with TPR and Asher interview). Very biased in favour of Krashen and Asher.

3) (this includes demo of Suggestopedia (French) lesson, and video of immersion programme in Canada)

4) [largely about French teaching in UK schools]