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Conference Programme

Plenary speakers:

  • Professor Zoltán Dörnyei (University of Nottingham)

"Researching L2 motivation: towards combined qualitative/quantitative paradigms" (Abstract (PDF Document))

zd Zoltán Dörnyei has published over 60 academic papers on various aspects of second language acquisition, and is the author of several books, including Teaching and Researching Motivation (2001, Pearson ESL), The Psychology of the Language Learner: Individual Differences in Second Language Acquisition (2005, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates), Motivation, Language Attitudes and Language Globalisation (2006, Multilingual Matters Limited), and Research Methods in Applied Linguistics: Quantitative, Qualitative and Mixed Methodologies (2007, Oxford University Press). He has received the Kenneth W. Mildenberger Prize of the Modern Language Association of America and the TESOL Distinguished Research Award. Currently he is working on a comprehensive monograph on the psychology of second language acquisition. more...


  • Baines Professor Michael Hoey (University of Liverpool)

"Death to the topic sentence" (Abstract (PDF Document))

mh Michael Hoey is a leading figure in English language and applied linguistics and a highly respected researcher and author. His single-authored monographs are Signalling in Discourse (1979, ELR, Birmingham), On the Surface of Discourse (1983, George Allen & Unwin), Patterns of Lexis in Text (1991, Oxford University Press) (also a winner of the Duke of Edinburgh English Speaking Union Award for best book in applied linguistics, 1991), Textual Interaction (2000, Routledge) and Lexical Priming: A New Theory of Words and Language (2005, Routledge), which was shortlisted for the BAAL Prize for best book in applied linguistics and which, as the title suggests, proposes a new way of looking at language based on evidence from corpus linguistics. He has been Baines Professor of English language at the University of Liverpool since 1993. more... 


Conference programme