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Both staff and students are members of WACC. Click on the links below to find out more about their research interests. Many other people, both in other parts of the university and externally, attend our regular events. Anyone interested is welcome to attend our WACC sessions.

Staff members

The following staff members are involved in WACC related research and public engagement:

Publications by WACC members

Research student members

The following research students are currently exploring WACC related topics:

  • CAI Xiaozhe (Sherry): Intercultural groupwork (Supervisor: Neil Murray)
  • Andy Davidson: Growth in Interculturality in International Students (Part-time; Supervisor: Jo Angouri)
  • Carolin Debray: Intercultural groupwork (Supervisor: Helen Spencer-Oatey and Daniel Dauber)
  • Thomas Greenaway: Intercultural groupwork (Supervisor: Helen Spencer-Oatey)

Recently completed PhDs on WACC related topics:

  • Mary Vigier: Interaction in Multicultural Project-Team Meetings:
    Managing the Formative Stages. (Supervisor: Helen Spencer-Oatey). PhD awarded January 2015.
  • Trần Thị Minh Khánh: A study of relating between Vietnamese and Native English-speaking teachers in team-teaching EFL students at tertiary level in Vietnam. (Supervisor: Helen Spencer-Oatey). PhD awarded July 2014.
  • WANG Jiayi: Relational management in professional intercultural interaction. Chinese officials' encounters with American and British professionals. (Supervisor: Helen Spencer-Oatey). PhD awarded January 2014.
  • Ana Beaven: An Exploration of cross-cultural adaptation in the context of European Student Mobility. (Supervisor: Helen Spencer-Oatey) PhD awarded September 2012.