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Working and Communicating Across Cultures

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04.10.2017, 1.30pm, room: tbc

Guest Talk: Explicating the Communication Processes for Global Managers: Integrating
Insight from Strategic Competence

By Dr Yunxia Zhu, University of Queensland

Past Presentations - TERM 2

Guest talk: What constrains the impact of cross-cultural thinking on global leadership? - A Consultant's View

By Glen Burridge  

Director, Glen Burridge &



Guest Talk: Campaign Framing and Referendum Politics.

By Ece Özlem Atikcan Assistant Professor in Comparative Politics, Warwick University


PhD student Presentation & Discussion: The Development of Intercultural Competence in students through Team Projects at University

By Tom Greenway


Speedy Research Exchange: A chance to get to know each other’s research projects, seeking advice and identifying cooperation opportunities

All WACC members


Staff Presentation & Discussion: Brexit, the media and its interpersonal and psychological implications across voter groups (Proposal)

By Dr Katharina Lefringhausen


PhD student Presentation & Discussion: Transnational adjustment through the eyes of migrant athletes, their teammates and coaches

By Daniel Clayton

14.02.2017 Staff Presentation & Discussion:
Power, rules and loyalty: An empirical investigation applying a configurational model of organizational culture

By Dr Daniel Dauber


Guest Talk: Investigating Intercultural Differences in Relational Strategies for Problem Talk: A Case Study

By Dr Du Ping
Assistant Professor, School of English, University of Nottingham Ningbo China


PhD student Presentation & Discussion: Managing Relationships and Work in Interaction: A Case Study of Teamwork

By Carolin Debray


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