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MA Testimonials from MA ELT (superseded by MA TESOL)

Kiki Sun

Kiki SunWhat attracted me most was the curricula scheme of the MA programme. It contains a reasonable combination of learning and practicing. During the period of studying at Warwick, I gained practical knowledge of language teaching strategies such as task-based teaching and giving feedback. I learned how to design course materials, how to be a good teacher with commitment.

Currently I am working as a trainer in an online English teaching company. My daily work includes doing research on student needs and expectations for teachers, developing training materials, and training teachers. What I learned from the MA programme helps me a lot in various ways at work. I have become more proficient in terms of conducting research. I can use the knowledge I learned from the programme to help teachers adopt efficient teaching methods and questioning skills. Honestly speaking, without studying this programme, I wouldn't be this confident and comfortable at work.

Yasir El Hag

Yasir El HagStudying the MA ELT at Warwick has been quite an exciting experience. First, from among a wide range of courses, I think the program design allowed me to make a successful combination for my career. Besides my Testing and Assessment specialty, I chose a Teacher Development course for my elective, which will help me a lot because I will be involved in offering teacher training courses on testing when I go back to my country. Secondly, I really valued the team teaching professionally planned and led by a team of high-calibre professors. Last, but most interesting, is the qualitative research orientation I got here.

Besides promoting my academic knowledge I feel that I have also developed my research skills. Now I’m confident I will be qualified for excellent career prospects.

Samer Al Sati

Samer Al SatiWarwick has honed my research skills and satisfied my desire for acquiring knowledge along with the ability for critical thinking and in-depth analysis. Its academics have nurtured my sense of purpose and achievement and become consummate professionals, colleagues and friends. Along with improving my academic skills, I have gained extracurricular skills such as negotiation, respecting diversity, discovering my weaknesses and strengths and respecting intellectual rights. In the future, I intend to put the experience I gained in ELT, ICT, assessment and developing course materials into practice to develop education and learning programmes in Syria and the Middle East.

Julius Daniel

Julius-DanielMy coming back to Juba was very timely. Immediately in October, I started a part time teaching job at the Collage of Law, University of Juba, supporting students of Arabic background to improve their English language skills. The application of teaching English language is working very well. Yet fresh with skills and techniques from the University of Warwick, I have acquired new ways to teach the English language that make students fully engaged during lessons. Some senior lecturers who have observed my teaching have expressed satisfactory feedback to the Dean and my Director. The credit goes back to the leadership and tutors of Warwick University.

Secondly, I am spearheading formation of a South Sudan English Language Teachers' Association. We still have hard work to spread good news about forming an association. This is important to other teachers of English language, and Ministry of Education at state and national level. I still recall the great support I received towards my better professional development.