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Linguistics Society

What is LingSoc?

LingSoc logoLingSoc is the University of Warwick’s very own Linguistics society. We are closely linked to the Applied Linguistics department, but welcome members from all across campus. We have a wide engagement spanning across the three undergraduate programmes that the department offers and all year groups. After rebranding the society in 2019, membership has grown significantly, and we hope for even more of you to join us! We pride ourselves as being an inclusive and engaging society, hosting a range of exciting events and having a strong sense of community. LingSoc is a space for us to come together and enhance our university experience in terms of social, academic and career opportunities. We aren't an SU Society, so there is no joining fee!

LingSoc social media platforms

Make sure to follow us on our social media platforms to stay up to date or feel free to message us with any questions.

LingSoc Ball

This year, LingSoc has taken a different approach to coming together as a community outside of academia, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hoping to return to circling and nights out soon, we’ve instead put on a host of online events, including ‘Coffee with LingSoc’ sessions, game nights and our biggest event, the ‘LingSoc Quiz Night’, which saw a huge turnout across the department. These get-togethers have been super fun - whether it’s been taking part in activities or just coming together for a chat and making friends in different year groups, engagement has been high, and we can’t wait to continue this into Term 2. LingSoc are aiming to host a new variety of events in the upcoming weeks and months, so watch this space!

LingSoc ball

As most returning LingSoc members remember, last year’s ball was an amazing event, with food, live music, a DJ, and an awards show! Due to the current circumstances, we may have to do things slightly differently this year. LingSoc will keep an eye on the developing restrictions and try our best to provide an event that’s just wonderful, while keeping everyone safe, even if it looks a little different.

Mentorship scheme

LingSoc organises a mentorship scheme each year to help freshers’ transition into university life. And this year, we recognise that the integration challenges are even more pronounced, so we started the scheme even earlier and ensured that all the freshers are paired with a mentor by the first week of the term! Mentors offer support from a student perspective who may have also had similar struggles or experience before. Especially in times like COVID-19, it’s an extra resource for freshers and ensures they stay connected when there is not much opportunity for face-to-face interactions!

Bar FusionFresher Representatives

The opportunity of fresher representatives has allowed us to get involved with LingSoc and more specifically, to experience being a member of the exec. We are a voice for the first-year students, creating a bridge between freshers and older years. This year especially, with the current pandemic, fresher representatives have been a great way to meet new people and build a community within the department. Our role is to help with social ideas, connect the freshers with any upcoming events, and improve their social experience in Linguistics.

Bright Network

We were very successful this summer in being accepted as a Bright Network society partner from September. Bright Network partners with selective university societies across the country, running career events and initiatives with societies throughout the academic year. LingSoc now has exclusive access to exciting events, work experience, internships, career events, CV building and interview tips. LingSoc members have all received an exclusive membership pack and our membership timetable, which we’re all very excited about! Keep your eyes peeled for the exciting academic events we have coming up!

The LingSoc Exec team LingSoc socials 1

  • President: Holly Taylor
  • Vice President: Danae Warne
  • Treasurer: Lauren Cutler
  • Education Officer: Bori Sallai
  • Communications Officer: Emily Smith
  • Social Secretary: Kriya Parekh
  • Secretary: Chloe Walter
  • Ball Officer: Anna Spriggs
  • Welfare Officer: Izy Wrench