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ET315: Dissertation


Do you have a topic or question about Language, Culture and Communication or English Language and Linguistics that you would like to explore in depth? By the time you get to the third year you are likely to have a lot of potential areas of interest. For the dissertation module you get the opportunity to develop a project around one of these interests and, with the support of a supervisor, conduct research and write it up! As well as developing content knowledge in an area of interest to you, the dissertation will help you enhance your research, critical and creative thinking, time management and academic writing skills. The dissertation module also provides excellent training if you are interested in undertaking postgraduate study beyond the BA.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate intellectual independence and originality by choosing their own subject of study and defining its nature and scope.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of relevant existing research literature in a relevant area and evaluate them critically.
  • Formulate a testable hypothesis or research question and set it in the context of the existing research literature.
  • Show an understanding and awareness of the ethical context of a relevant research area.
  • Recognise the theoretical, practical, and methodological implications and limitations of their research.
  • Demonstrate an advanced level of knowledge and understanding that will equip her/him to proceed to study at a higher level.

Learning Experience


Core content will be presented during weekly 2-hour lectures.


We will meet in a weekly 1-hour small-group seminar to practice and apply course concepts.


Research project

10,000-word research project

Preparatory Reading

  • Glatthorn, A. & Joyner, R. (2005) Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation. London, Sage.