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Module availability for external students

We are currently ascertaining our Department student requirements for the academic year 2022-23.

Thank you for your interest in studying with us.

Please note that demand for Linguistics modules is high. We, therefore, give priority to students whose degree structure requires them to take a module in the Linguistics Department.

We can confirm the following modules WILL NOT be available in 2022-23 for students who are not enrolled on a linguistics programme.

ET118 Linguistics, ET119 Language in Society, ET120 Research, ET121 Describing English Language, ET122 The History and Spread of English and ET123 First Language Acquisition

ET214 Qualitative Research, ET216 Sociolinguistics, ET218 Language Teaching Methodologies, ET228 Analysing Spoken Discourse, ET229 Phonetics & Phonology, ET230 Morphology & Syntax, ET231 Analysing Written Discourse,

ET325 Communication Modes

External Degree Students

Places are likely to be available on the modules listed below, this table will be updated during the summer months. if you are interested in being placed on a waiting list for a module listed in the table below, please send your name, course and student number to

Confirmation of places may not be until week 2 of term 1.

Requests for modules not listed below will not be acknowledged.


Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis when you have enrolled at Warwick during the first two weeks of term. You will need to know your home department timetable. Places can not be reserved by email and you need to create your timetable. You will need to bring your form to the office for signing.

This is because in the past students have not informed us when they change their mind and places are wasted.


Title & CATS (ECT = half CAT value)



Seminar/Workshop 1 hour (attend only one)


Intercultural Business Communication

Coursework & Exam 15 CATS

Coursework only 12 CATS

2 Thurs 10-12

Thurs 13:00

Thurs 14:00


Quantitative Research

Coursework & Exam 15 CATS

Coursework only 12 CATS

1 Mon 10-12

Mon 13:00

Mon 14:00

ET319 Professional Communication 15 CATS 1 Wed 9-11

Wed 12:00

Wed 13:00

ET322 Intercultural Pragmatics 15 CATS 1 Fri 10-12

Fri 13:00

Fri 13:00

ET323 Language, Society and Power 15 CATS 2 Tues 10-12

Tues 13:00

Tues 14:00


Multilingualism & Cultures

Coursework & Exam 15 CATS

Coursework only 12 CATS

2 Thurs 10-12

Thurs 13:00

Thurs 14:00