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Intercalated year (study abroad or work placement)

We strongly encourage you to take up the option of an intercalated year between your second and final year, giving you the chance to study or work abroad and gain invaluable experience of the international work environment. You will complete your degree in four years instead of three. An intercalated year, coupled with Warwick’s reputation for employability, will help give you an edge when it comes to taking your first steps beyond university.

Providing you meet the minimum requirements, you can apply to spend the year at one of our world-class partner universities in Europe, Australia, Japan, China and Latin America, among many other destinations. It’s even possible to experience semesters in two different universities and cultures during your year abroad. Most partner universities offer modules taught in English, so you can enter fully into the academic life of the overseas university even if you are not fluent in the local language. If you choose to study within Europe, the Erasmus+ scheme currently offers some students a generous, non-repayable grant to support the cost of overseas study.

It is also possible to undertake a course-related work placement (either abroad or in the UK) during your intercalated year to help you develop valuable communication skills and enhance your career profile.

  • Broaden your horizons, enrich your cultural understanding and enjoy a transformational experience.
  • Study at some of the world’s most prestigious universities outside the UK.
  • Work in new environments and volunteer with projects that make a real contribution to a global society.
  • Significantly enhance your future employability.
  • Enhance your foreign language skills and further develop your intercultural competence.
  • Make new friends from all over the globe.

Your year abroad will be transformational in developing your understanding of other cultures. Warwick students have benefited hugely from engaging fully in the cultural and social life of their host country. Apart from their academic work, our students have contributed to environmental projects in the Philippines, helped refugees in Denmark, taught English in Shanghai and studied Flamenco in Seville.

"It has been an amazing experience. This is mainly down to the people that you meet and the different languages and cultures you are surrounded by. I really love Shanghai and would definitely think about coming back here to work. The whole experience has been eye-opening and challenging. My advice would be to take a year abroad."
BA Language Culture and Communication

"It gave me a huge amount of perspective on life in general really. That and I made some really great contacts, all from very different walks of life. I couldn’t recommend it more highly. Even if you don’t think you really want to do it, as I didn’t, it will be the best year of your life for sure. Mix with as many locals as possible too; it’s very easy to slip in with other immigrants but if you can get some accommodation with locals (as opposed to university accommodation) you’ll have a much better experience."
BA Language Culture and Communication