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Undergraduate Degrees in Applied Linguistics

Be part of a dynamic interdisciplinary approach to linguistics.

Applied Linguistics at the University of Warwick offers a unique approach to the study of language: We apply linguistic knowledge and theory to solve real-world problems. You will build an interdisciplinary foundation from leading research in language, linguistics, communication, psychology, and culture. Then you will apply your learning to explore, challenge, understand, and address problems and find meaningful solutions. You will be constantly fascinated by the linguistic world around you, and you will be empowered to use language to improve your world.

Open Day

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BA English Language and Linguistics

English Language and Linguistics engages you in the systematic study of language with a specific focus on English. You’ll learn to analyse the structure of English, and the ways people use English to structure the world. You’ll explore the evolution of English from a set of dialects on a tiny island to a global lingua franca, and examine ways that Englishes continue to change today. You’ll learn more generally about how language is formed, acquired, learned, and used. You’ll develop an extensive set of qualitative and quantitative research skills, and practice oral and written communication intensively.

Explore English Language and Linguistics.

BA Language, Culture and Communication

Our Language, Culture and Communication degree is a globally unique interdisciplinary programme that prepares students to forge careers in the international marketplace. The degree combines elements of linguistics, intercultural communication, social psychology, and public relations. You will develop a unique combination of intellectual, analytical, research, and communication skills, and apply them in a range of authentic situations. You’ll also develop your expertise in communicating effectively in different contexts, cultures and languages, and acquire first-hand experience of living abroad and working in multicultural contexts.

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BA Linguistics with a Modern Language

By studying linguistics together with a non-English language, you’ll explore the fascinating human capacity for language, while also building your linguistic fluency. As a linguist, you will learn about the structure and function of language, and about relationships between language and society. You’ll also study and practice written and oral communication in a language besides English, and learn broadly about communicating across languages and cultures. Your skills in linguistic analysis will support your language learning, and your knowledge of language will complement your work as a linguist.

Combine Linguistics with Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, or Spanish.
English Language and Linguistics
Language, Culture and Communication
Linguistics with a Modern Language

Learn in a globally distinctive model.

All three of our undergraduate courses are built on our tutorial model, which emphasises independent student research within a highly supportive learning community. Our students rapidly develop and apply skills in exploration, analysis, and critical thinking to explore, challenge, and solve problems in the disruptive reality of an interconnected world.


Students are a central part of the Applied Linguistics research community, working in partnership with our world-leading academics to ask and answer questions that make real impact and challenge the status quo. Every part of the learning experience is designed in a unique way to build confidence, skills, and independence to see and make sense of the linguistic world.

Global Mindset

Linguistics at Warwick is a unique community of passionate learners who think and act globally. Every part of our learning model enriches cultural understanding and ability to connect learning to today's real-world challenges.


We equip students to push their learning beyond their modules. From study abroad to Warwick's Undergraduate Research Support SchemeLink opens in a new window to collaborative projects with our academic staff, Applied Linguistics students have transformational opportunities to build knowledge, develop skills, and forge global connections.


Our curriculum incorporates interdisciplinary problem-based learning. From policy to practices, organisations, people and everyday perceptions, we cover all aspects of human life, empowering Applied Linguistics students to switch perspectives to see everyday challenges from every angle.


Applied Linguistics students master flexible, transferrable, and desirable skills in analysis, critical and creative thinking, and communication. Our graduates are equipped to challenge and address our complex realities now and throughout their professional lives, and are resultantly highly sought by employers.