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Curated Panels and New Scholars

Whilst ‘mess, complexity and uncertainty’ may be viewed as troublesome and disruptive entities, we recognise that artists and researchers often embrace messy practices and are drawn towards the knotty, insolvable ‘wicked problems’ of our time. Throughout the week in July, we will host a series of 'curated panels', inviting leading scholars, performers, artists, cultural leaders and practitioners to respond to provocations about.

Reflecting on a global pandemic
Corey Campbell (Creative Director, The Belgrade) Doreen Foster (Director, WAC) Paul Sutton and Max Dean (C&T) Peter O’Connor (University of Auckland) Big Brum Theatre
Understanding mental health, sociality, and wellbeing
Robin Banerjee (Cress Lab, University of Sussex) Nor Aziz (Community Activist & Creative Practitioner) Charru Sharma (University of Pennsylvania) Chris Cooper (theatre director and playwright) Laura Elliot (The Belgrade) and John Bernard (Performance Poet)
Confronting the climate crisis with/for/by youth
We are joined by young people from local schools and youth theatres: Highly Sprung, Company Three, Acting on Climate. Special contributions from Kathleen Gallagher (University of Toronto) & Rachael Jacobs (Western Sydney University)
Questioning inclusion/exclusion: accessing, welcoming, co-creating, belonging
Richard Hayhow & Warwick Students (Open Theatre) Ned Glasier (Company Three) Jeffrey Tan (Theatre Today, Singapore) Natalie Hart (The REP) Yasmin Sidhwa (Mandala Theatre Company) Rachael Jacobs

Jennifer Kitchen. Social Justice & Active Shakespeare in the 21st Century; Claire French. Multilingual global south-north collaborations; Christine Balt. Navigating Desire & Transgression in the Mess & Complexity of Toronto Youth’s Right to the City; Adelina Ong. Multispatialities: Placemaking at the Edge of the Metaverse