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On-line questionniares

There are three sets of questions, one for undergraduates (of any discipline) about recent experiences in mathematics lessons at any secondary stage (i.e age 11 to 18, KS3 to KS5 in England, Wales and N. Ireland). If you were not educated in these countries I would still like to have your experiences as my study does include an international dimension.

Undergraduate experiences of using ICT in school mathematics lessons

The next section of questions is for those who are taking a teacher training course with secondary or middle school mathematics as the main subject. The first set is for pre-placement and what you are hoping to do. The second set is for after placement i.e. what you were able to do. I am as interested in what was not possible as much as what you could do.

Trainee teachers pre-placement

The final section is for teachers who are, or who have recently been, working in classrooms and is looking at the facilities they used and how they feel about using ICT in their lessons (rather than for administration purposes), whether positive or negative.

Teacher questionnaire about the use of ICT iin Mathematics lessons