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Education modules at Warwick

Our undergraduate modules

Modules involve seminars and lectures on a set topic within Education. You will take modules at every stage of your degree, and complete written assignments or exams within each module for assessment.

Year One

In your first year, you will study eight core modules

Year Two

In your second year, you will study four core modules and two optional modules (30 CATS)

Core Modules

Optional Modules

Year Abroad

Studying overseas can add immeasurably to your personal development and future study and career opportunities. As part of our BA Education, you can choose either a 13 week placement abroad or a full intercalated year, where your third year will be spent at one of our partner Universities:

Dronning Mauds Minne Hogskole in Trondheim, Norway
University of Boras, Sweden (13 weeks only)
Maria Ulrich College of Early Childhood Education, Portugal (13 weeks only)
Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

A year abroad will not count towards your final degree mark, but it will give you the chance to experience studying Education in another country as well as experiencing life in a new and exciting culture. You can find out more information about opportunities to study abroad on our Study Abroad pages.

Year 3

In your third year, you will study two core modules and four optional modules (60 CATS)

Core Modules

Optional Modules

(Choose four modules from the Year 2 list above which you have not already studied)