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Research and scholarship within the Cultures strand explores subjects at the intersection of arts, cultures, religious education and related fields. Above all, they analyse educational cultures (ranging from those of the major faith traditions to creative and eco-pedagogies) by exploring the distinct features of their pedagogies and curriculums. In particular, they seek to pinpoint the specific features of ‘cultures of learning’ and ‘cultures of teaching’ in the context of global and intercultural influences that shape education in all its forms.

Here are some examples of recent or current research projects from the Cultures research strand:

Youth, Theatre, Radical Hope and the Ethical Imaginary

This project brought together youth theatre participants and Warwick postgraduate students to create an oral history performance based on their 'past', 'present' and 'future' stories. Their piece, 'The Museum of Living Memories' was performed at the University of Warwick.

Seeing through other eyes: Coventry and the twinned town and cities movement

This project developed a resource about city twinning as a contribution towards Coventry’s year as the UK City of Culture. Using archive research, interviews with people who had exchanged visits and with people who had come to live in Coventry, the team worked with local artist Gemma Foy to produce a short animation about twinning.

The Warwick Islamic Education Project

This is a transformative educational vision between the Muslim Community, the Department and the University. In October 2018, we launched the UK’s first PGA in Islamic Education which bridges the gap between traditional Islamic seminaries and modern higher education. We also run an annual Islamic Education Summer School, based on the Muslim educational tradition of ‘taaruf’ (or openness to learning from one another).