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Yewlands project: Phase 1

An initial vision workshop was held on Thursday, 17th January, 2008 for members of the Senior Leadership Teams and the Active Learning Group. In this workshop:

  • David Wray presented an outline of possible lines of development in the areas of language and literacy which the Family of Schools might be interested in pursuing further. These lines of development included such issues as spoken language development, the use of literacy as a tool for learning across the curriculum, the importance and development of handwriting, and the engagement of boys with language and literacy development. Other issues may be added to this list as work proceeds.
  • Group members discussed and brainstormed ideas arising from this presentation.
  • The group produced a detailed vision of the key areas for future development. There were initially 4 of these areas selected for intensive development, although it may still also be possible for others to form part of an on-going plan for development, albeit at a lesser intensity.
  • Four working groups were to be set up, with the brief of working together, with input from David Wray and/or other Warwick colleagues, over the subsequent two terms to carry out action research and to produce detailed action plans for professional development in the 4 selected areas.