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Expert Meeting on African Migration in Euro-African Relations


1 JULY 2009

The strong bond between African and European countries manifests itself in many ways, not least the migration of Africans to Europe for education, employment or asylum. Yet European and African experts have few opportunities of meeting for academic discussion and policy dialogue concerned with the nexus of migration and development in Africa and to chart the course for research, training and capacity building.

The Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations (CRER) in the School of Health and Social Studies, University of Warwick will be hosting an Expert Meeting on African Migration in Euro-African Relations at Radcliffe House on July 1st 2009. This meeting will draw together experts from the fields of academia, policy-makers and the non-governmental sector (including civil society organisations).

The Expert Meeting will address the following themes:

  • African and European perspectives on African international migration
  • Challenges for research and prospects for cooperation within and between Europe and Africa
  • Training new generations of migration researchers, policy makers and other practitioners
  • The development of a policy dialogue on migration and development

The Expert Meeting follows the conference on “African Transnational and Return Migration” (held at Warwick University on 29/30 June) and some of the speakers at that conference will attend. It will be chaired by Professor John Oucho, Marie Curie Chair at Warwick University. A report of the Expert Meeting will be produced, which will be circulated to the European Union; government departments, NGOs and research funding bodies in Europe and Africa and made available on a web page.

programme for the Expert Meeting