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Danièle Joly's Publications

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2007  D. Joly, L’Emeute, Paris: Denoël  

2007  D. Joly with J. Beckford and F. Khosrokhavar, Les musulmans en prison, Louvain La Neuve: Presses Universitaires de Louvain. 

2005 J.A. Beckford, D. Joly, and F. Khosrokhavar, Muslims in Prison: Challenge and Change in Britain and France, Basingstoke: Macmillan Palgrave.

2004 D. Joly (ed.) International Migration in the New Millennium: Global Movement and Settlement, Aldershot: Ashgate.

2002 D. Joly (ed.) Global Changes in Asylum Regimes, Basingstoke: Macmillan Palgrave.

2001 D. Joly Blacks and Britannity, Aldershot: Ashgate.

1998 D. Joly (ed) Scapegoats and Social actors: the exclusion and integration of minorities in Western and Eastern Europe, Basingstoke: Macmillan.

1997 D. Joly with Clive Nettleton and Lynette Kelly, Refugees in Europe: the hostile new agenda, London: MRG.

1996 D. Joly, Haven or Hell: Asylum policies and refugees in Europe, Oxford: MacMillan.

1995 D. Joly, Britannia's Crescent: Making a place for Muslims in British Society, Aldershot: Avebury.

1994 Mano Candappa and D. Joly, Local authorities ethnic minorities and "pluralist integration", Monographs in Ethnic Relations No.7, CRER, University of Warwick.

1992 D. Joly, with Clive Nettleton and Hugh Poulton Refugees: Asylum in Europe? London: MRG, 1992 also published by Westview, USA 1992.

1991 D. Joly, The French Communist Party and the Algerian War, Oxford: MacMillan.

1990 D. Joly with Clive Nettleton, Refugees in Europe, London: Minority Rights group, London: MRG.

1989 D. Joly and R. Cohen, Eds. Reluctant Host Europe and its Refugees, Aldershot : Gower Press.

1987 J. Rex, D. Joly and C. Wilpert, Eds. Immigrant Associations in Europe, Aldershot : Gower Press.



Joly, D, L'Europe face à l'immigration et aux minorités ethniques, Collection "Migrations et citoyenneté en Europe / Analyses et débats", Paris, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung/Ifri, n°2, avril 2007

Joly, D: “European asylum and global convergence” in Joaquin Arango (ed.)


Unpublished Reports

1999 L Kelly and D Joly Refugees' reception and settlement in Britain, a report for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

1998 D. Joly Violence et insecurite urbaine a Birmingham, Paris: Convention RATP Mission Recherches Societales et CADIS.

1997 D. Joly with Clive Nettleton and Lynette Kelly, Refugees in Europe: the hostile new agenda, London: MRG. Rowntree report on settlement of refugees- free to download (PDF 196kb)



Chapters in Books

2008 Joly, D., Toscano, E.,  “Regno Unito: tra sinistra radicale e rivendicazioni della differenza”, in Farro, A. L., Rebughini P., (eds.), Europa Alterglobal. Componenti e culture del “movimento dei movimenti” in Europa. Milano: Franco Angeli.

2007 Joly, D with J. A. Bedford: “Research context for Muslims in Prison” in Christophe Bertossi (ed.) European anti-discrimination and the politics of citizenship, Basingstoke: Macmillan Palgrave.

2006 Joly, D: “Asilo Europeo Y Convergencia Global.  El Refugiado: Hérow Antaño, Paria Hogaño” in Blanco, C. (ed.) “Migraciones, Nuevas movilidades en un mundo en movimiento”, Spain, Anthropos Editorial.  

2004 Joly, Daniele and Astri Suhrke “A New Paradigm for the European Asylum Regime” in J. Edward Taylor and Douglas S. Massey, International Migration: prospects and policies in a global market, Oxford: OUP, 2004 pp 295-317 and also in Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO) series.

2004  Joly, Daniele “Immigration and Integration” in Cross Channel Currents; 100 Years of the Entente Cordiale.  Routledge

2003 Joly, Daniele “The Governance of Immigration and Integration” Fourth session – The Governance of Globalisation: Ethical and Philosophical Perspectives p.236.  The Proceedings of the Ninth Plenary Session of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences 2-6 May

2003 (forthcoming) "A new paradigm for the European Asylum Regime" in J. Edward Taylor and Douglas S. Massey (eds) International Migration Prospects and Policies, Oxford University Press.

2002 D. Joly and Karima Imtiaz, 'Muslims and citizenship in the United Kingdom' in Rémy Leveau, Khadija Mohsen-Finan and Catherine Withol de Wenden (eds.), New European identity and Citizenship, Aldershot.

2001 'Refugees and citizenship in the framework of the new asylum regime' in Remy Leveau et al. (eds.), Nouvelles Citoyennetés: réfugés et sans-papiers dans l'espace européen. Paris: IFRI Documentation Francaise.

2001 'Temporarer schutz fur Fluchtlinge im Rahmen eines neuen europaischen Fluchtlingsregimes' in Jochen Blaschke (ed) Ost-West-Migration, Berlin: Edition Parabolis.

1999 ‘A new asylum regime in Europe’in Francis Nicholson and Patrick Twomey (eds) Refugee rights and realities, Cambridge: CUP.

1997 ‘An analytical framework for decisions on asylum’ in Göran Rystad (ed) Encountering Strangers, Lund: Lund University Press.

1996 ‘Asylum between politics and ethics’ in Contemporary International Law issues: Conflicts and Convergence. Proceedings of the Third Joint Conference held in The Hague, the Netherlands July 13-15 1995 pp.385-392

1995 ‘Whose protection? European harmonisation on asylum policy’ in Cambridge Survey of World Migration ed. Robin Cohen, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press pp.496-501

1995 ‘Reception and Settlement Policy: a comparative study’, in Marcella Delle Donne (ed.) Avenues to Integration: Refugees in Contemporary Europe, Napoli, Ipermedium, pp.6-25.

1994 ‘Is 'Multiculturalism' the answer? Policies on ethnic minorities in Britain’ in Panayotis Grigoriou (ed.) Questions de Minorités en Europe. Bruxelles: Presses Interuniversitaires européennes.

1994 ‘Mille et une politique d'installation des réfugiés en Europe’ in Le Front du refuge, Dominique Nalpas (ed.), Bruxelles: De la Democratie

1993 ‘Les musulmans dans la société britannique’ in L'Islam et les musulmans dans le monde, Tome I, L'Europe occidentale, Mohammed Arkoun, Rémy Leveau, Bassem ER-J (eds.) Beyrouth: Hariri, 1993.

1992 ‘Minorités ethniques et risques de ségrégation’ in Didier Lapeyronnie Immigrés en Europe Politiques locales d'intégration, Paris: Documentation Française, 1992

1992 ‘Die Harmonisierung der Asylpolitik’ in Europa, in Jochen Blaschke and Andreas Germershausen Sozialwissenschaftliche Studien Uber Das Weltfluchtlingsproblem, Berlin: Ed. Parabolis, 1992.

1991 ‘France's military involvement in Algeria: the PCF and the oppositionnels’ in Michael Scriven and P. Wagstaff, (Eds.), War and Society in Twentieth-Century France, Oxford: Berg, 1991.

1991 ‘Minorités ethniques et politiques locales en Grande-Bretagne’ in Didier Lapeyronnie, Les politiques locales d'intégration des minorités immigrées en Europe et aux Etats - Unis, Paris, ADRI, 1991.

1990 Collaboration with Didier Lapeyronnie et. al, L'intégration des Minorités Immigrées. Etude comparative France-Grande Bretagne, Paris, ADRI 1990.

1989 ‘Voluntary agency, local government and the community from Vietnam’ in D. Joly and R. Cohen (Eds.), Reluctant Host Europe and its Refugees, Aldershot: Gower Press, 1989.

1988 ‘Immigration, citoyenneté et pouvoir local : les Pakistanais à Birmingham’, in Rémy Leveau et Gilles Kepel, Les musulmans dans la societé française, Paris Presses de la Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques, 1988.

1988 ‘Making a place for Islam in British society: Muslims in Birmingham’ in T. Gerholm and Y.G. Litman (Eds.), The new Islamic presence in Western Europe, London: Mansell, 1988

1987 ‘Associations amongst the Pakistani populations in Britain’ in J. Rex, D. Joly and C. Wilpert (Eds.), Immigrant Associations in Europe, Aldershot: Gower Press, 1987.



2008 'Les Musulmans Et L'Institutionalisation De L'Islam Dans La Societie Britannique' , Diversite urbaine, Vol 8, No 2, December 2008, 13-36.

2007 'Race Relations and Islam in the Prison Service', International Journal of Human Rights, 11/3: 307-326.

2007  La fin de la protection, Courrier de la Planète ; Migrations Internationales : chaînon manquant de la Mondialisation, numéro 81-82,  Mai 2007

2006 Beckford, J and Joly, D “Race” Relations and discrimination in prison: the case of Muslims in France and in International Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies, vol. 4, Issue 2.

2006, 'La fin de la protection',  Courrier de la Planète 81-82, 2006, pp. 32-35.

2005 Hacia un paradigma de lo musulmán en Francia y Gran Bretaña", Migraciones, No 18, pp. 7-46

2002 "I parametri del nuovo regime di asilo in Europa", La Critica Sociologica Vol. 143-144, Autunno 2002/Inverno 2002-2003, pp. 129-143

2002 "Odyssean and Rubicon Refugees: toward a typology of refugees in the land of exile", International Migration Vol. 40, No. 6, pp. 3-25

2001 "Convergence towards a single asylum regime: a global shift of paradigm", International Journal of Human Rights, Vol 5, No 4, Winter 2001, pp. 1-17

2001 "L'Europe contre le droit d'asile" in Le Monde des Débats, No 21, January, pp. 42-43

2000 "Hero hier, zero aujourd'hui: le nouveau regime d'asile" in Le Monde des Debats, Novembre.

2000 "Some Structural Effects of Migration on Receiving and Sending Countries" in International Migration, December, vol 38, no 5, pp 25-41

1998 Ethnicité et Violence Chez Les Jeunes Antillais: une intervention sociologique a Birmingham’ in Cahiers internationaux de Sociologie, Vol. CV pp.383-413

1998 "Temporary Protection Within the Framework of a New European Asylum Regime" in The International Journal of Human Rights, Vol.2, No.2 Autumn, pp.49-76

1997 "An agenda for reception and integration: the Western European experience and Central Europe" 3rd International Symposium on the Protection of Refugees in Central Europe 23-25 April 1997, Budapest. European Series: Vol. 3 Nb 2 December 1997, Geneva: UNHCR, pp.119-137

1995 "European harmonisation on asylum: Schengen, Dublin and After" in Fernando Montupil, Ed., La educacion y el multiculturalismo de la migracion chilena en Europa, Bruselas, 7. 8 de abril 1995, ACECOF

1994 "The porous dam: European harmonisation on asylum in the nineties in International Journal of Refugee Law, Volume 6.

1992 "Questions d'actualité et, initiatives européennes sur le probleme des réfugies" in, Les réfugiés en France et en Europe Quarante ans d'application de la Convention de Geneve 1952-1992, Paris, OFPRA, 1992.

1992 Refugees in Europe: Research issues, 1992, for INFOMIG Nr 3.

1991 "La jeunesse pakistanaise musulmane de Birmingham" Les Temps Modernes, Juillet-Août 1991, N6 540-541.

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1989 "Le droit d'asile dans la Communauté Européenne", International Journal of Refugee Law, Vol. 1, No.3, 1989, Oxford.

1989 "Religion and the Asian and Caribbean Minorities in Britain", co-author Harry Goulbourne in Contemporary European Affairs, Vol. 2, No.4, 1989.

1989 "Ethnic minorities and education: the interaction between Muslims and schools in Birmingham", Muslims in Europe, Research Papers No.41, March 1989.

1988 Refugees in the UK : an annotated bibliography, Coventry : CRER, University of Warwick. (Bibliography in Ethnic Relations No 9) 1988.

1988 Resettling Refugees from Vietnam in Birmingham, Coventry: CRER, University of Warwick. (Research Papers in Ethnic Relations No 8) 88.

1987 "Britain and its Refugees : The case of Chileans" Migration, I(I) July 1987, 91-108.

1986 Making a place for Islam in British Society : Muslims in Birmingham, Coventry: CRER, University of Warwick. (Research papers in Ethnic Relations No 4) 86.

1985 Muslims in Britain : an annotated bibliography, 1960/1984, Coventry : CRER, University of Warwick. (Bibliographies in Ethnic Relations No 6, avec J.Nielsen) 85.

1984 The opinions of Mirpuri parents in Saltley, Birmingham, about their children's schooling, Centre for the study of Islam and Christian-Muslims Relations, Birmingham, Muslims in Europe. (Research paper No 23, September 1984, also reprint CRER Research papers No 4, 1986)


Papers Presented at Conferences

2010, Daniele Joly  'La construction de la multiculturalidad a partir del conflicto'  Conference Conflictos y inmigracion   Madrid 30 September-1st October. 

2010, Daniele Joly  'Muslim women theatres of action'   CRER conference on Women from Muslim Communities and Politics in Britain and France on 20-21 September 2010 in Birmingham 

2010, Daniele Joly  'Muslim women action: an account of sociological intervention' Conference on Migration, Citizenship and Transnational identities at Acadia University (Canada) 7-9 October 2010 .

2010, Daniele Joly (in absentia)  'Multiculturalism : critique of a model”' Conference of the ASA on Models of integration in Europe, on 14-17 August, Atlanta.

2010, Daniele Joly  'The European asylum regime and temporary protection: a restrictive paradigm' Conference Towards networking  with world's border studies: Japan's borders in global perspective Global COE Programme "Reshaping Japan's Border Studies"

2010, Sasakawa Peace Foundation and Slavic Research Centre, Hokkaido University, 3d December 2010

 2009, Joly, D.,  'Refugees and health' Conference on Acute and General Medicine Brimingham 20-21 May 2009.

 2007, Joly, D., “Islam and integration” conference on Islam in Europe, 26 October 2007, Elcano Royal Institute for International and Strategic Studies, Madrid.

2007, Joly, D., “Islam in Europe and the USA”, 29/30th October 2007, Brookings Institution and the Council of Foreign Relations, London.

2007  “Globalisation, Conflicts and the Experiences of Localities”, Archer’s realist social theory and the study of immigrants in Britain, 28-29 June

2007, University of Rome “La Sapienza” – Faculty of Sociology, Rome

2006 “Multiculturalism and integration”, Challenges of Diversity in France and Britain, 13/14th November 2006, Commonwealth Club, 25 Northumberland Avenue, London, SW1

2006  “Le Paradigme musulman en France et Grande-Bretagne”, Centre d’Etudes Ethniques des Universités Montréalaises, Québec University, Montréal, Canada, 24 th October 2006.

2006  “The European asylum regime and global convergence”, York University, Toronto, Canada 25th October 2006. 

2006  “Muslim Paradigm in France and Britain”, Toronto University, Canada, 26th October 2006.

2006  Un Nuevo Régimen de Asilo En Europa?  “Europa y la inmigración: una relación difícil”.  Madrid, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Fundación Pablo Iglesias, 20-21 September 2006.

2006 “Ethnic Relations and social cohesion in Britain: an evaluation”.  CRE – French Embassy Roundtable on Diversity and Cohesion.  19 June 2006, London, UK

2006 “The Muslim Councils and the Muslim paradigm in France and Britain”, International Cross-Disciplinary Conference: Racism, Postcolonialism, Europe, 15-17 May 2006, University of Leeds, UK

2005 “Démocratie, nation et migration” CADIS-EHSS, Paris, 13-14th Octobre 2005.

2005  “Migrations: Observation, Measurement and Analysis of Contemporary Trends”, The European Asylum Regime and the global shift of paradigm” 31st May, 1st and 2nd June 2005, Basque Immigration Institute, Basque Country University

2005   “Pour un nouveau modèle de citoyenneté?” Conference: la citoyenneté au défi de la diversité. Institute Français des Relations Internationales (IFRI), Paris, 12-13th September 2005

2004 "Diversités ethniques et religieuses : le cas de la Grande Bretagne", Séminaire Jeunes, Gestion des Diversités, Maison de la Sociologie (IRESCO - INJEP). 13th February 2004 Paris.

2004 Muslims in European prisons.  Two day national conference organised by Danièle Joly and Jim Beckford (Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations), University of Warwick, sponsored by the ESRC

2003 4th European Work-Life and Diversity Conference: "Driving profit through diversity" Board of Conference. 24-25th September 2003 Brussels.

2002 Citizenship and Discrimination in Europe. Three day international conference organised by the Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations, University of Warwick, 6-8 December

2002 "El desafio del asilo en Europa" Conferencia Europa, Sociedade aberta, sociedade perchada? Centro de Estudios Avanzados Universidad de Santiago de Compostella. 22, 23 de Novembro.

2002 "Scapegoats or social actors: integration and exclusion of minorities in Europe", In Search for a new Europe: Contrasting Migratory Experiences, University of Warwick, 22-24 March.

2002 Jeunes Antillais: politiques identitaires' Jeunes: gestion des diversités et cohésion sociale Organise par L'IRESCO et L'INJEP, 23 May.

2002 "Musulmans et communautarisme", Association France-Grande Bretagne, Paris, 20 June.

2002 'Inmigracion, integracion y relaciones interetnicas' Integracion social y laboral de los inmigrantes en la Europa del siglo XXI, Imserso-Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 31 July.

2001 "Asilo in Europa" Fundacion Marcellin Botin, Santander, Spain, 4 December.

2001 "Tensions between immigration and asylum", Eurofor Conference, Brussels, 7 December.

2001 'Immigrants adaptation, and ethno-cultural diversity management' The management of Ethno-Cultural Diversity, University of Florence, 12 July.

2001 Ethnicite et violence chez les jeunes antillais, Conference on subjects, actors and social movements in the north and south, Rome, Universita La Sapienza, 26-27 February

2001 Minorites ethniques et politiques, Seminaire: Discrimination, egalite des chances et minorites ethniques. IRESCO, Paris, 7 Fevrier

2001 Muslims and citizenship, Conference on new European identity and citizenship. Institute Francais des Relations Internationales, Paris 18-19 January

2000 L'etat des lieux en Grande-Bretagne, seminaire Lutte contre les discriminations en Europe: information, sensibilisation et formation des services publics de l'emploi, Etat des lieux et perspectives ADRI: Paris, 16 Juin

2000 Policies and strategies in refugee settlement, conference on policies and strategies for migration and migrant communities, Universidade Aberta, Lisbon 8-9 June

2000 A New Asylum Regime in the EU, Department of Political Science and Public Administration and Center for Research in Transitional Societies, Bilkent University, 5 May

2000 Nouvelles mobilites et nouvelles citoyennetes: Regards croises France-Allemagne "Refugies et citoyennete Europeenne", l'Institut Francais des Relations Internationales, Paris, 21 January

1999 New asylum paradigms, "Old differences and new similarities: American and European immigration policies in a comparative perspective", 12-13 November, New York University of Columbia

1999 Centre d'Action et D'Intervention Sociologique (CADIS), Seminar Paris 15-16 October, Contribution sure le role du Sociologique

1999 Between exile and ethnicity a typology of refugees in UNESCO ISS conference on major trends in migration and ethnic relations in the world: University of Warwick 16,17,18 September

1999 "Afro-Caribbeans in the UK: urban violence and ethnicity", The formation of minorities, diasporas and multicultural societies: New integration strategies in Europe, Granada, Spain 13-16 May

"Migration and integration: key issues", UNESCO conference on migration and integration in Latin America, Santiago (Chile) 26-28 October 1998

1999 Causes and consequences of migration, Florence 26 March

1999 "Immigrants and refugees" L’étranger dans tous ses états, Paris June

1999 "Effects of migration on receiving and sending countries" Euromed Expert meeting on Migration and Human Exchanges The Hague Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1-2 March

1998 ‘A new asylum regime in Europe’, Migration at the turn of the century, Berlin, 10-12 October

1998 "Vietnamese associations in France and Britain", Conference on Small migration systems, Sintra (Portugal) 18-21 June

1998 "Un nuevo regimen de asilo?" Instituto Ortega y Gasset, Madrid, 17 May

1998 "Pour une réflexion sur la violence à Birmingham: Blacks et Britannité", Paris: Cadis, 3 April

1997 "Asylum: changing concepts and practices" Conference on International Migration at the end of the century: trends and issues, IUSSP Committee on South-North Migraton, Barcelona, 7-10 May with Astri Suhrke

1997 "Reception and settlement of refugees in Western and Central Europe" International Symposium on the Protection of Refugees in Central Europe, Budapest, 23-25 April

1997 "The ‘progress’ made on harmonisation of asylum policy in the European Union" Conference on EU Justice and Home Affairs, Leicester 7-8 February

1996 "A new European asylum regime" Conference on Refugee Rights and Realities, Nottingham 30 November

1996 "An agenda for reception and settlement" UNHCR Formal Consultation on Resettlement, Geneva 24 June 1996

1996 "Towards a European refugee regime: the European Union and Eastern Europe" Conference on new asylum countries in Europe: migration control and refugee protection in Central and Eastern Europe. Copenhagen 1-4 June 1996, Danish Centre for Human Rights

1995 "Between Ethnicity and Exile" Johns Hopkins Institute for Global Studies in Culture, Power and History, November 95

1995 "A framework for asylum decisions", Conference: University of Lund, Encountering Strangers, Lund 19-20 August

1995 "Asylum, politics and ethics", Third Joint Conference, July 13-15, American Society of International Law, Nederlandse Vereniging voor Internationaal Recht.

1995 "Refugee assocations: a comparative study", COST A2, Refugees in Europe: Inclusion - exclusion, 4th Meeting, Amsterdam 25-28 May.

1995 "Asylum issues in the 1990s", Workshop on Refugees and citizenship, University of Bergen 18-19 May, Bergen.

1994 "Reception and resettlement policies in France and the UK: a comparative study". Cost workshop on Refugees, Florence 21-23 September.

1993 "Schengen, Dublin and refugees", Conference on Europe security and refugees, Athens, 29th March 1993, University of Athens.

1993 "Is multiculturalism the answer", International Conference on Problems of Minorities in Europe, 14-17 January 1993, Naphlion, Greece, organised by EKEM.

1993 "A theoretical framework for the study of refugees in Europe". Refugees in Europe: research issues. COST, Eujropean Commission Workshop, Warwick University, 7, 8 May 1993.

1993 "The porous dam: European harmonisation after Schengen and Dublin". COST, European Commission Workshop, Oslo, 20, 21 November 1993.

1993 "The political construction of asylum". Emerging trends and major issues in migration and ethnic relations in Western and eastern Europe. UNESCO, University of Warwick, 5-8 October 1993.

1992 "Questions d'actualité et initiatives européennes sur le problème des réfugiés". Les réfugiés en France et en Europe Quarante ans d'application de la Convention de Genéve 1952-1992, Paris, OFPRA, 1992.

1991 "Towards common European refugee policies" conference organised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Political refugees and economic migrants: pressures from the South and East and Western European Responses, Wilton Park, 9-13 Septembre 1991.

1991 "Schengen, Trevi et les refugiés en Europe", Conference, Les accords de Schengen et la conference TREVI vers une Europe de la Securité Intérieure? Paris, 25 Octobre 1991.

1990 "Europe and Its Refugees: Policies, Questions and Problems", CERI, Paris, March 1990.

1990 "Les Réfugiés et L'Europe à la Croisée des Chemins" Colloque: Réfugiés dans le Monde: Tendances et Evolution, Médecins sans Frontiere, Paris, May 1990.

1990 Danièle Joly, Integration of Immigrant Minorities in Europe, International Conference, Paris, October 1990. "Les associations et les actions autonomes d'intégration locale au Royaume - Uni".

1990 "Immigration et réfugiés politiques en Europe: un problème de démarcation" Colloque sur les politiques de l'immigration en Europe, Fondation Agnelli Turin, 18-19 Janvier 1990.

1990 "Muslim Populations and Islam in Britain and France", Muslims in Europe Workshop. University of Warwick, February 1990.

1989 "Muslim youths in Britain" Conference on Muslims - Migrants - Metropolis, Berliner Institut Fur Vergleichende Sozial Forschung Berlin 13-18 June 1989

1989 "Refugiés et municipalité: les Vietnamiens à Birmingham", Colloque: Exil, émigration et minorités en Grande-Bretagne Université Paris - Nord (XIII) 28-19 avril 1989

1989 "Les immigrés en Grande-Bretagne: lois, droits, statuts, Mesures spécifiques" "Les Populations musulmanes de Grande-Bretagne", Colloque: politiques sociales de l'immigration en Europe Université Paris/Val de Marne, 19, 20, 21 Octobre 1989

1989 "France's military involvement in Algeria: the PCF and the oppositionnels" Conference on War and Society in Twentieth-Century France Bath, 15-17th September 1989

1988 "Les minorités ethniques et l'enseignement en Grande-Bretagne: l'interaction entre Musulmans et écoles à Birmingham". CERI - CNRS. Colloque sur l'immigration en Europe et aux Etats-Unis : politiques nationales et intégration des populations immigrées. PARIS, 21-22 Avril 1988.

1988 "Harmonising asylum policy in Europe" Conference on the World Refugee crisis, Berliner Institut Fur Vergleichende Sozial Forschung Berlin 7-9 October 198

1988 "Women in Chile and in exile" National Women's Register. BIRMINGHAM, 22 Mars 1988.

1987 "L'Islam en Grande-Bretagne, Da'Wa, analyses et concepts" XIX Conférence Internationale de Sociologie des Religions. TUBINGEN, 25-29 Aout 1987.

1987 "Chilean women and the dictatorship" International Women's Week. University of Warwick, 7 Mars 1987.

1987 "Human Rights in Chile, Chileans exiles" A week on Chile, Amnesty International. University of Birmingham, 24 Février 1987.

1987 "Immigration, citoyenneté et pouvoir local: les Pakistanais à Birmingham" Table ronde de l'Association Française des Sciences Politiques. PARIS, Janvier 1987.

1987 "Mosquées et articulation de l'Islam minoritaire" Conference on Muslims under non-Muslim rule, Committee on the Comparative Study of Muslim societies. DEHLI, 14-19 Décembre 1987.

1985 "Pakistani and Muslim Associations" European Science Foundation. PARIS, Janvier-Février 1985.



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