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Article: One year on – science capital in primary PGCE students.

Read Senior Teaching Fellow, Sally Spicer's collaborative research with a colleague at UEA One year on – science capital in primary PGCE students: Factors influencing its development and its impact on science teaching published following a virtual presentation at the ASE Futures conference in July.


A second year of research on science capital in primary PGCE trainees in two universities corroborates previous results. Science capital differences in gender are evident and the trainees’ own school science experiences continue to be a big influence on attitudes towards and confidence in teaching the subject. With the COVID-19 pandemic curtailing school placements, continued engagement with science during lockdown was explored. Development of subject knowledge, science capital and the impact on confidence to teach the subject during this latter and unique stage of the PGCE were examined, with a view to inform our planning for next year’s cohorts.

You can read the full published article here.