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Ofsted Report 2015 Key Findings - Partnerships & Placements

Partnerships & Placements Ofsted Report Key Findings - Centre for Professional Education - University of Warwick outstanding_colour_iteprimary.jpg outstanding_colour_itesecondary.jpg

  • "The partnership’s well-established balance between centre and school-based training, informed by the university’s focus on research and development."
  • "A broad and varied selection of school placements is used. Trainees gain a rich and varied experience of schools and phases in different contexts, including schools that require improvement and those in challenging socio-economic circumstances."
  • "Partnership schools are fully involved and consulted to help steer developments, share ambition and provide continued clarity about their role and responsibilities. The partnership is highly responsive to feedback from schools, the development group and analysis of performance information."
  • "The partnership is instrumental in leading practice to improve the quality of education in local schools. It provides highly valued continuous professional development courses and conferences, most recently on mental health and well-being."
  • "Trainees on PGCE core and School Direct programmes receive similarly high-quality training because of the partnership’s very strong focus on the equality of trainees’ experience."
  • "The highly successful partnership with schools, which is very effective in addressing local, regional and national priorities. The strong partnership reflects the provider’s aim of creating a fully collaborative approach between the university and schools at both operational and strategic levels."
  • "Leaders’ considerable capacity to continue to develop the excellence of provision and partnership at the University of Warwick. This is evident in the pace, significance and impact of improvements made in recent years to outcomes, the quality of training and to the strength of the partnership between the university and schools."
  • "The introduction of new approaches, such as subject hubs, ensures that the quality of training in all subjects, regardless of the number of trainees, is as high as the best."
  • "Trainees benefit from high-quality placements in a range of schools, including those that require improvement and those in challenging socio-economic circumstances."
  • "Excellent lines of communication are now in place between partner schools and the university. There is now considerable alignment of expectations of the university and all its partner schools, which has significantly improved quality and consistency."
  • "The extensive collaboration now includes development, delivery, monitoring, evaluation and review processes. A significant cultural shift has taken place at the university and, as a result, schools feel empowered by their involvement."

View the full Ofsted report online here