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University of Warwick School Partners' Intranet

Warwick Mentor Resources

teacher_white_board.jpgHere you will find:

peep Online Mentor Training, Mentor Development Session Information & Sign-up

Pencil Evaluation Submission

chat Support Videos

book WaSP Meeting Documentation

PencilPartnership Bulletins


Essential On-Course Documentation

This section contains all of the documentation you will need to
supporting a trainee or trainees throughout their PGCE course

Here you will find:

calCourse Calendarswriting.jpg

cert Assessment Point Forms

Book Handbooks

 Pencil Lesson Observation Forms

cert Warwick Assessment Descriptors

Pencil Assessment Point Profile Submission

.....and much much more

PGCE School Direct Admissions Resources (Primary & Secondary)


This section includes useful resources and information to aid
PGCE School Direct Partner Schools with the admissions process.

Here you will find:

Book Essential Resources (Prior to Interview)

chat Important Reminders

certMarketing Resources

.....and much much more

School Direct Interview Selection Documentation Upload

Warwick Partnership Eventsjs_ss_session.jpg


 Here you will find:

calInformation on upcoming Partnership events

Pencil Links to Sign up for events

Book Resources from Previous Partnership events

School Absence Reporting Form

Use this form to report any trainee absences from school (Planned or Unplanned)


This page is intended to provide you with some useful information, links and guidance relating to the safeguarding of children and young people.