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Opportunities for Schools

National Astronomy Meeting (NAM) | University of Warwick | Monday July 11th - Thursday July 14th 2022

As part of the National Astronomy meeting Warwick University is offering an outreach program focusing on solar physics. Our highlight is SUN, a 7m inflatable sphere that is illuminated with real data from solar telescopes, showing the changing and dynamic surface of the SUN. Classes will then be assigned to one of two activity programs, both led and designed by solar physicists.

When: Sessions are available between 10am and 12 noon on 11-14 July.
Where: Faculty of Arts Building, University of Warwick
Cost: Free to attend

Interested? Sign up hereLink opens in a new window.

Any questions?

Program 1: SunSpaceArt - Dr. Helen Mason, University of Cambridge (UK)

‘Today I loved this lesson because the science and art inspired me.’ ‘I thought that today was brilliant! I learnt so much about space. I’m so proud of my work.’ (feedback, children).

Abraham Moss School, Greater Manchester, Spring 2021. Photo credit: Comino Foundation

The SunSpaceArtLink opens in a new window team of science educators and artists are really excited to be running creative art-making activities alongside the Sun installationLink opens in a new window at the National Astronomy Meeting, NAM, University of WarwickLink opens in a new window. We aim to educate and inspire children using the context of the Sun, Solar System and space science. We invite you (primary school classes, Yrs 5 or 6) to join us for 8 classes (2 per day over the 4 days). All materials will be provided, with expert guidance from SunSpaceArt team members. We have been running STEAM (STEM + Arts) workshops in schools for the past five years, reaching over 150 schools, 8000 children and 1000 teachers throughout the UK. The SunSpaceArt STEAM (Arts + STEM) Festival was held on Monday, 15th February 2021. Video recordings are available hereLink opens in a new window. The SunSpaceArt project is led by Dr. Helen Mason and is funded by STFC (Science and Technology Facilities Council)Link opens in a new window.

Program 2: Warwick Solar Group – Dr Anne-Marie Broomhall, University of Warwick (UK)

Led by Anne-Marie Broomhall, this program is presented by Warwick researchers with an interest in solar physics. The activities will vary slightly from day to day but will include a selection of workshops from looking at our closest star the Sun to talking about how stars are born and what happens when they die. We will also look at how we find other planets outside our solar system as we search for other life in the universe! We will incorporate a range of hands-on activities from arts and crafts, where students can create your own Sun model, to simple experiments, where students can link the science ideas that they are familiar with and can experience on Earth to those that are also seen in the Sun and other stars.

Warwick Solar Group work