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Zoe - Senior Lecturer in Early Years, Birmingham City University

ZoeTell us about your role now, what skills do you use every day?

In my role as a Senior Lecturer in Early Years, I draw upon the subject knowledge that I gained at Warwick through my first degree in Early Childhood

Studies as well as the teaching skills that I developed through the PGCE. The best parts of the job are similar to those in classroom teaching as I am able to be a part of each student's journey through the degree programme and it is always a privilege to watch them graduate and begin new careers in the Early Years workforce.

Why did you choose this career?

After my PGCE I started work as a classroom teacher and quickly took on the role of Early Years Co-ordinator. As well as taking on further management responsibilities, I decided to study for a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. At the time I was interested in learning for its own sake and I did not realise that it would lead to my current position at Birmingham City University. Therefore, the advice I would give is to study what interests you most and keep an open mind about future career opportunities.

Why did you feel that choosing a career in education was important? With two young children of my own, I was really interested in how the very youngest children learn and develop. I believed that the first few years of life determine people's attitudes to learning and influence their future life chances. Therefore, this was a career in which I could make a difference to others while gaining a great deal of job satisfaction.

What's the best thing about teaching?

These moments happen regularly when I bump into the children and families that I have taught in the past. The parents often fondly recall the time that their children spent in my Reception class and it is always a pleasure to see how the children have progressed and done amazing things for themselves.