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Moodle Quizzes

How to add a quiz to your Moodle space

Firstly turn editing on and then scroll down to the section you want to add your quiz to. Click on the Add an activity or resource link and then choose Quiz from the activity or resource picker menu. Click on the Add button to complete the process.

Click on the Expand all link at the top right of the screen to open all of the fields. That way you will not miss any of the fields (and there are quite a lot of them).

Give your quiz a Name and add a Description. Students will see the description when they click on the quiz link but before they start their attempt. You might want to include such things as the number of attempts allowed, the time limit or how the quiz will be graded.


Choose whether you want to display the description on the course page under the link to the quiz by ticking the Display description on course page checkbox.