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Academic Technology at the Centre for Teacher Education

At Warwick and particularly in the Centre for Teacher Education (CTE), we define Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) as the tools, skills and practices used to support teaching and learning, for face to face, blended and online learning, in both physical and virtual spaces.

Academic Technology in CTE provides support and guidance to staff on using technology to enhance and support their teaching, learning and research practices. We also help them to identify and evaluate new opportunities offered by technology and provide support, training and guidance on their implementation.

Like the University, CTE does not currently have a separate TEL strategy. TEL is an integral component of all work undertaken by and within CTE. However, TEL has specific strands within the following CTE strategies:

  • Learning, Teaching and Assessment
  • Quality
  • Research

As a consequence of the change to practice caused by the pandemic, we are currently undertaking a Digital Teacher Education Project which is looking to transform our teaching and learning provision. ‚Äč

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