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Des Hewitt and Charlotte Jones

Des Hewitt photo Charlotte Jones photo

Presenters affiliations/organisations:

Centre for Teacher Education and Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Warwick

Session Title:

Nature for Nurture

Abstract/Brief Summary:

In this session we will explore how children and young people can learn about, through and in nature. This has been a theme in primary and early years education since the Kindergarten (Children’s Gardens of the 1700s). You will hear some of our research and practice in this area and find out how you might be able to join us in promoting Nature for Nurture!

We’ll be looking at:

  • A history of nature in education
  • A sense of place and community in nature
  • Awe wonder and beauty in nature
  • Nature and wellbeing
  • Learning and living in the natural world: helping children to children
  • Toddlers and children becoming responsible and ethical young people


Supplementary resources: