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Leanne Williams

Leanne Williams photo

Presenter affiliation/organisation:

Life Sciences, University of Warwick

Session Title:

Practical skill development and engagement with the scientific process

Abstract/Brief Summary:

During my time teaching at Warwick school of life sciences it remains that one of the biggest disconnect between pre-university provision and year 1 UG transition is practical skills development and engagement with the scientific process. In 2015 a survey was conducted to identify the perceived level of preparedness of UGs for university teaching strategies. This was repeated and extended in 2019 with the aim to firstly consider the changing horizons of transitional barriers, and secondly with an expectation that the newly introduced A-level practical endorsements would serve better preparation for UG practicals. Interestingly the results showed that there was minimal if any changes in the challenges still facing first year students. This raises the questions, should schools be offered opportunity to reconsider or extend their practical skills preparation, beyond the curriculum or do universities need to provide more transitional support? This session will present these data and explore the challenges faced by both schools/colleges and universities in supporting transition into HE.


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