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Everyone within the Economics community has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. Fostering a collegiate working environment is important to us all. Help to ensure that ‘Respect’ is embedded into our departmental working practices by:

  1. Responding to your emails in a timely manner so time is not spent chasing;
  2. If you have been allocated time in the workload model to be part of a committee, attend the meeting and if you are unable to attend, let the meeting organiser know so meetings are not delayed;
  3. When attending meetings, play your part, but allow others to speak – it’s difficult to note a meeting when individuals talk across each other;
  4. It’s easier to cause offence through a badly written email as it lacks the context and dialogue of a real conversation – when you send an email, ensure your language and tone is courteous and not patronising. As the world reopens, there is more physical presence in the Department, a conversation may be quicker than an email.