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Warwick Future Economists

Warwick Future Economist Competition

The Warwick Economics SocietyLink opens in a new window and the Department of Economics are delighted to invite 16-18 year olds from schools in the United Kingdom to take part in the Warwick Future Economist Competition to win £250.

Why take part?

Taking part in the Warwick Future Economist competition allows participants to:

  • Win up to £250 in cash prizes
  • Receive a certificate of participation*
  • Develop essay writing skills that closely resemble work completed at univeristy level and get a real flavour of what it is like to study at university

*All participants will also receive a certificate of participation and shortlisted contestants will have their names posted on our website as recognition of their efforts.

The Competition

Students are asked to write an essay of 1,000 words (maximum) on ONE of the topics below:

  1. What will be the economic impact of global warming on countries near the equator? Is this expected to be the same in areas of the artic circle?
  2. What would you consider the most important factors for the UK's persistent high inflation rate in recent years?
  3. What will be the impact of the Russian-Ukraine war on the global economy?


You may wish to refer to the guidance for writing essays (PDF)Link opens in a new window document produced by the Warwick Economics Society.

Submit your essay


After the closing date, all submissions will be read by the Diversity and Outreach Officers in the Warwick Economics Society, who will select the best submissions to be read and revised by academic faculty in the Department of Economics. At the end of this process, four finalists and one winner will be selected.


Prizes will be offered for the top five submissions as follows:

  • First prize = £250 cash prize
  • Finalists = £50 cash prize (x4)

All participants will be contacted about the results via email.


Widening Participation and Outreach

We are committed to making high-quality and challenging university education available to all students who are capable of benefiting from it. In line with our Widening Participation and Outreach aims and objectives, we encourage applications from students who are under-represented in HE. This includes but is not restricted to students who

  • live in a neighbourhood where the proportion of students going into higher education is low or an area that has high levels of deprivation
  • attend a school/college where performance is below average and where eligibility for Free School Meals is higher than average
  • have caring responsibilities or are a young carer
  • have spent time in care
  • are seeking asylum or have been granted refugee status

Submit your essay

Students should submit their essay as a doc, docx or PDF file, using the form below by no later than 9:00pm (UK Time) on Wednesday 1st November 2023.

If you have any questions about this competition, please email the Warwick Economics Society Diversity and Outreach Team at

This form is closed and is no longer accepting any submissions. Thank you for your time.