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First Year Advice

If you want to get ahead of the game before you even start at Warwick have a look at the questions below and the suggested resources. Don’t worry if you’d rather wait until you arrive – we’ll cover this again in Induction but for those of you interested in Finance & Banking some of the deadlines can be scarily early so I hope these prompts ensure you’re ready.
Stephanie Redding
Senior Careers Consultant, Economics

I know what my strengths and values are
Yes No Have a look at these resources
I want to develop these skills further at uni
Yes Think about joining societies, volunteering, and challenging yourself when you get the chance to learn more about yourself. No
I know which job sectors appeal to me
Yes No Have a look at:Options with an Economics degree Where previous Warwick Economics students have worked Our job sector pages. And remember – over 70% of our vacancies don’t mind what discipline you’re studying.
I want to get work experience whilst at uni
Yes Some sectors offer Insight Days or Spring weeks for first years. Deadlines can be early so don’t miss them. Have a look at these resources to help you find other sources of work experience. No
I know how to talk to employers about my skills
Yes No Have a look at these resources
I’m interested in Finance & Banking
Yes The deadlines for Spring opportunities in this sector can be very early so check out these websites to get ahead of the game BankingFinance  No
I have an up to date C.V.
Yes No Use these resources to get you started
I want some help with all of this
Yes For help with your career planning, please email No