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EC107: Economics 1

  • Alexander Karalis Isaac

    Module Lecturer
  • Amira Elasra

    Module Lecturer
30 CATS - Department of Economics



Exam Rubric

Time Allowed: 3 Hours

Read all instructions carefully- and read through the entire paper at least once before you start entering your answers.

There are THREE Sections in this paper. Answer ALL questions in Section A (40 marks total). Answer TWO question in Section B, and TWO questions in Section C (15 marks each).

Approved pocket calculators are allowed.

You should not submit answers to more than the required number of questions. If you do, we will mark the questions in the order that they appear, up to the required number of questions in each section.

Previous exam papers can be found in the University’s past papers archive. Please note that previous exam papers may not have operated under the same exam rubric or assessment weightings as those for the current academic year. The content of past papers may also be different.

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