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Amira Elasra

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Contact details

Telephone: +44 (0)24 765 74354

Email: A dot Elasra at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room: S2.108

Advice and Feedback Hours: Thursday 11.00 AM - 13.00 PM. Please book here.

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Director of Pastoral Support (Senior Tutor - UG)

Amira has been an academic for over 9 years in top Economics department in the UK. Amira started her academic career in Adam Smith Business School at the University of Glasgow. She joined Warwick Economics Department in 2016.

Amira is leading on a research project in collaboration with other colleagues to investigate students' wellbeing effects on their performance and expectations. The research undertakes surveys focusing mainly on Economics students. Amira received Warwick Excellence Award for personal tutoring in 2021 for her contributions to the department in enhancing the personal tutoring system.

With the national and international policy focus of her work previous to joining academia, over the past 16 years, Amira's research has been disseminated more frequently through policy research papers and national and international reports. She has worked for different types of organization in Egypt such as the Information and Decision Support Centre serving the prime minister, the minister of planning, the budget committee in the parliament, the UNDP - Egypt and Indonesia, the Egyptian National Competitiveness Council, WHO and the USAID.

Amira's doctoral research investigated students’ educational performance in England and the factors influencing it. The research examined a wide variation of factors on the student, school and family level. With her expertise in the field of Education Economics, Amira led the department initiatives to design and implement a personal tutoring meeting form and designing a student welfare survey, which assist in designing students’ welfare and pastoral support policies.

Teaching Records

Research Interests

  • Education Economics
  • Labor Economics
  • Human Resources Economics
  • Applied Microeconometrics

Research Records

Is a "number of correct answers" identifier in online MCQ tests a good thing?. 2023. Economics Network. Ideas Bank.

Multiple Imputation of Missing Data in Educational Production Functions. 2022. Computation, 10, 49.

Can Becker’s model explain the effect of religion and religiosity on the educational outcomes of English adolescents? conference paper 2021, XXIX Meeting of the Economics of Education Association.

Using online quiz assessments. 2021. Economics Network, Ideas Bank.

Does School Organizational Process Matter for Educational Outcomes in England?, 2020, International Journal of Organizational Leadership, Vol 9, Issue 4, p.243-255.

The effect of EWARS system implementation on mortality rates. Working paper. World Health Organization, forthcoming.

Internationalisation Monitor 2018, fourth quarter, CBS, Report. []

Family Structure and Educational Outcomes: The English Case Yielding Starkly Different Results, conference paper 2017, XXVI Jornadas De La Asociación De Economía De La Educación.

Language effect and price discrimination of virtual goods, forthcoming.

“Essays on Educational Production Function in England”. PhD dissertation 2016. University of Glasgow, UK.

“What Matters for Education Expansion in Indonesia: Regional Assessment”. United Nations Development Program (UNDP) working paper 2014.

“Public Private Partnership in Financing Pre-University Education: Case of Egypt”. 2011. MSc. Thesis. Faculty of Economics & Political Science, Cairo University, Egypt

“Investing in People” in the Egyptian Competitiveness Strategy. Egyptian National Competitiveness Council. Egypt. 2010

“Monitoring the Progress for Implementing the Egyptian Social Contract.” 2010. Information Decision and Support Center. The Cabinet. Egypt. Working paper.

“Arab Women and Sustainable Development’’. 2010. Egyptian National Competitiveness Council. Working paper.

“Determinants of the Demand on Education.” 2010. Partners in Development. Working paper.

“Financing Pre-university Education in Korea: Quality Implications.” 2010. M.A. Thesis. Graduate School of Pan-Pacific International Studies, Kyung Hee University. Korea

“Financing Higher Education in Egypt: Evaluation, Possible Options, and New Financing Options.” 2009. Information Decision and Support Center. The Cabinet. Egypt. Policy paper.

“The Status of Human Development and the MDGs.” In Egypt Human Development Report 2008.

“Develop a Global Partnership for Development.” In Egypt Millennium Development Report 2008.

“Living Standard: Concept, Indicators, Information, and Analysis.” 2008. Institute of National Planning. Egypt. Project report.

Government Plan Monitoring Reports. 2006-2008. Ministry of State for Economic Development. Egypt.

Presidential Election Program Monitoring Reports. 2008. Information Decision and Support Center. The Cabinet. Egypt.

Other research has been conducted in several research fields, such as, SMEs, Inflation targeting, Poverty reduction, Public-private partnerships, and Education planning.

Other Departmental/University Responsibilities:
  • Senior Tutor - UG Studies Economics
  • Member of the UG Management Committee
  • Member of the Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Member of the Student-Staff Liaison Committee
  • Member of the Institutional Board of Examiners
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Member of Warwick International Higher Education Academy