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Intro Mathematics and Statistics

Pre-Sessional: From Tuesday 18 September to Thursday 27 September 2018, inclusive.

MSc Introductory Maths & Stats Timetable - Week 1

MSc Introductory Maths & Stats Timetable - Week 2

Module leaders

Piotr Jelonek, Nick Jackson, and Jeremy Smith


All Economics MSc core modules require that students are familiar with basic quantitative techniques. Introductory Mathematics and Statistics aims to provide you with necessary mathematical and statistical skills to complete these modules.

Learning outcomes

Students should have an understanding of fundamental concepts in mathematics and statistics relevant to the other core modules and be able to apply these concepts to economics.


Introductory Maths and Statistics will cover the following topics:

  • Matrix algebra;
  • Introductory statistics;
  • Multivariate calculus and constrained optimisation;
  • Differential and difference equations


A sound understanding of algebra and single-variable calculus. Familiarity with basic linear algebra and statistics as well.


If you are an MSc offer holder, you can login to view additional resources.

Course materials are published on the Moodle page.

Syllabus and Readings

The syllabus for Introductory Maths and Statistics and advice on Readings can be found in this document:
Syllabus and Readings.


One hour test on Monday 24 September 2018, 9.00am - 12.00pm, Online.
Two-hour test on Thursday 4 October 2018, 9.15am - 12.00pm, Panorama Room, Rootes Building.

Rubric for the Test on 4th October 2018

Time allowed: 2.5 hours plus 15 minutes reading time during which notes may be made (on the question paper only) but no answer may be begun.

Answer all four questions. The weight of each question is as indicated. The entire test is worth 100 marks total.

Formula sheet and approved pocket calculators are allowed.

Read carefully the instructions on the cover of the answer book. Answer Question 1 and 2 in one booklet and Questions 3 and 4 in a seperate booklet.