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Self Certification

Technical Issues and Mitigation relating to In-Year Tests on Moodle/Tabula

Please take time to read the Departmental Policy on the correct procedure to follow should you encounter technical difficulties during an in-year test.

Self Certification for Eligible Assessments

The University has implemented a self certification process for all eligible assessments. Students can now apply for a 5 consecutive University working day self certification extension for the assessments in the table below.

You can apply for 2 self certifications each academic year and guidance on how to use the self certification portal is available here. Please be aware that you can only apply for 1 self certification per assessment and you can only self certify a maximum of 5 days in advance of the assessment submission date. We encourage students to complete the details box, providing us with more information, but this is optional. However, if your situation is more serious, we ask you to follow the mitigating circumstances process. Further details can be found here.

All other assessments/tests held within the department are not eligible. Mitigation for these must be submitted through Tabula providing supporting documentation.

Module code Module Title Component Name
EC924-18 Monetary Economics Problem Set 1 & 2
EC943-18 Industrial Economics Problem Set 1 & 2, Written report
EC959-36 Dissertation Proposal
EC966-18 Labour Economics Essay 1 & 2
EC979-18 Health Economics Problem Set 1 & 2
EC982-18 Development Economics Assessment 1 (Replication Assignment)
EC982-18 Development Economics Assessment 2 (Participation)
EC982-18 Development Economics Assessment 4 (Independent Reading)
EC982-18 Development Economics Assessment 5 (Empirical Assignment)
EC984-15 Experimental Economics Essay 1 & 2
EC989-15 Behavioural Economics Essay 1 & 2
EC990-18 Topics in Applied Macroeconomics Assessment 1 & 2
EC9B9-12 Topics in Advanced Economic Theory II Assessment 1 & 2
EC9C0-12 Topics in Development Economics Assessment 1 & 2
EC9C3-12 Topics in Industrial Organisation and Data Science Assessment 1 & 2
EC9C4-12 Topics in International Economics Assessment 1 & 2
EC9C5-12 Topics in Labour Economics Assessment 1
EC9C7-12 Topics in Political Economy Theory Research proposal
EC9C8-12 Topics in Advanced Econometrics Assessment 1