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Personal Development

Develop your skills and enhance your employability

We offer a number of exciting initiatives that allow you to develop in a range of key areas to help improve your skills and employability.

Personal Development Module

In your first year of study, you will be taking the Economics Personal Development Module which is non-credit rated, but will be compulsory for L100, L116 and LM1D students in Year 1.

The module will comprise a variety of activities, both Departmental specific and wider activities, with a particular focus on developing academic skills, employability and to broaden your education in Economics. You will be introduced to this module during welcome week with further details of the activities available.

The Economic Briefings Project

The Economic Briefings Project is an innovative initiative that will equip you with hands-on skills in data analysis and communication, preparing you for life after university, and enabling you to stand out in the fiercely competitive graduate recruitment market.

The project is compulsory for first-year students in degree courses for Economics (L100), Economics and Industrial Organisation (L116) and Economics, Politics and International Studies (LM1D) and will be recognised as a major contribution to the Personal Development Module.

You will work in groups to collect and then analyse data on a specific country, e.g. monthly meat consumption in Brazil or quarterly violent crime in the US. This exciting and unique project will be introduced in detail by the module leader during the first few weeks of term.

More information about the PDM module can be found here.