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Opportunities and events

Events to enhance your student experience

When you join the Department of Economics, you will be joining a friendly and active department with a range of both academic and social events put on each term to enhance your time at University.

We place great importance on your student experience and we put on regular activities and events which are both academically stimulating and socially enriching.

We encourage all students in the Department to get involved with as many activities as they can in order to maximise their experience of studying Economics at Warwick.

First Year Careers & Skills Advice

Our aim is to support your career planning by presenting to you the diverse opportunities that are available. Find out more about our careers resources, support and opportunities on our Careers and Skills webpageLink opens in a new window.

If you want to get ahead of the game before you even start at Warwick, click on the button below to have a look at the questions and suggested resources.

Get ahead

Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC)

The SSLC exists to provide a forum for students and staff to discuss issues relating to all undergraduate courses taught by the Department of Economics. It is an integral part of our commitment towards giving students the opportunity to shape the Department, for discussing ideas and issues, and for gauging students' opinions on academic matters.

Find out more about the SSLC Link opens in a new window

Warwick Economics Lectures

Each year the department hosts an engaging lecture series which welcomes a diverse mix of speakers each year including alumni, policy makers, and academics. Our speakers give a different perspective on Economics and the series is designed to get our students thinking about issues outside of their academic modules and to give you the opportunity to hear from prominent academics and public figures about issues at the forefront of the current economic agenda, both in the UK and globally.

Past speakers include:

  • Tim Harford, Economist, Journalist and Broadcaster
  • Dr Luisa Affuso, Chief Economist at Ofcom
  • Professor Molly Scott Cato, Economist, Politician and Writer
  • Martin Reeves, Chief Executive of Coventry City Council
  • Angus Armstrong, Director of Rebuilding Macroeconomics and Chief Economic Adviser at Lloyds Bank Group
  • Sumit Dey-Chowdhury, Senior Economist at the Office for National Statistics
  • Vinay Gupta, Co-founder of Mattereum
Find out more about the Warwick Economics Lecture SeriesLink opens in a new window


The URSS offers undergraduate students the opportunity to:

  • take part in original research;

  • achieve substantial outcomes;

  • develop a range of research and transferrable skills;

  • work as a member of a research team or department and develop an awareness of the research environment;

  • enhance discipline-specific skills or knowledge;

  • where possible, participate in interdisciplinary work.

The URSS opens for applications in December, in preparation for projects undertaken in the summer, and is open to all undergraduates, usually non-finalists.

Find out more about URSS

Research Assistant Project Opportunities

There will be opportunities throughout the year to volunteer to assist members of the academic staff in various Research Projects. Further details of projects available and how to apply for such opportunities will be made available at the start of the Autumn Term.

Student Fund

The Department has a small fund to support students attending conferences such as BCUR (British Council of Undergraduate Research) and the Carroll Round. Further details of available funding and how to make an application for funding will be made available at the start of the Autumn term.

Student Ambassador Scheme

The Department has a great opportunity for students to become Economics Student Ambassadors and promote the Department and enhance their own student experience.

Become an Economics Student Ambassador

Economics Updates

Economics Update is a student newsletter emailed to you twice a term during the academic year. It contains information about the Department's events, activities and opportunities.

Warwick Economics Society

Warwick Economics Society is one of the longest standing academic Students' Union societies and one of the largest on campus with more than 1700 members from 130 degree programmes. Its aim is to offer you a diverse range of events which help you to progress, not only academically but also with your chosen career path. With sponsors including top law, accountancy and banking firms, the society host some excellent careers events and talks. Warwick EconSoc put on some of the most talked about socials on campus, and also boast some of the strongest sports teams at Warwick, providing opportunities to get involved with football and netball in the earlier terms and cricket and rounders later on. They also produce Assumptions magazine, and run an annual debating competition where the winners are able to debate in a larger competition against students from other top universities.

Warwick Economics Society

Warwick Economics Summit

Warwick Economics Summit is one of the largest student-run academic conferences in Europe, featuring world-renowned figures, engaging debates and educational workshops. The Summit covers a range of global issues including politics, development, finance and psychology. It provides an opportunity for anyone with an interest in economic affairs and politics to discuss the latest worldwide developments. In the past, the Summit has hosted Nobel Prize-winning academics such as George Akerlof and John Nash, along with key policy makers such as Andrew Bailey. The weekend offers the chance to meet and learn from a truly diverse group of students, and to socialise and network with delegates from around the world. This year the Summit will be held virtually.

Warwick Economics Summit

Warwick Women in Economics Society

The Warwick Women in Economics Society (WWiE Soc) was launched after the successful Women in Economics Student-led workshop was held at the University of Warwick in January 2020. WWiE Soc is the UK’s first student society dedicated to supporting female economics students at university and further down the economics career track. The society not only provides a safe and welcoming space for female students but a space in which everyone can come together to discuss important topics related to gender equality. The society welcomes all students to join them.

Warwick Women in Economics SocietyLink opens in a new window

Rethink Economics Warwick

The Rethink Economics Warwick student society is part of 'Rethinking Economics,' which is an international network of students, academics, and professionals aiming to build a better economics in society and in the classroom. As students, academics, and policy-makers, the society want answers to the fundamental questions of economics and of the economy itself, such as the nature of money, the role of the state, and the behaviour of households and individuals, among other such questions. The society would like to open up the discourse to different approaches, different models with different methods, making different assumptions. Whether it is different schools of thought within economics, or even fields outside of economics such as political science and anthropology, rethink economics wants to ignite debate within the discipline.

Rethink Economics Warwick