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This Is Tomorrow

The Department of Economics welcomes guest artists for “This Is Tomorrow.”

In March, the Department of Economics hosted an eclectic group of artists for a day of discussion about frontier research in economics as part of “This Is Tomorrow”, a programme designed by the Warwick Arts Centre to bring artists and academics together for collaborative work.

The visitors are artists’ work spans the full range of artistic endeavour. The participants included:

The Economics Department has participated in this event since its inception in 2012. The first production to emerge from the programme was “Bank on It,” an interactive children’s theatre production based loosely on the financial crisis. The show, produced in London and Coventry in 2013 to exuberant reviews, was created by children’s theatre specialist Sue Buckmaster in the wake of interaction with the Department of Economics.

The five artists participating in the programme will spend a day in discussion with professors on a wide variety of research topics, including monetary policy, the economics of happiness, and the “brain drain” caused by poverty.


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Our Guests

“This_Is_Tomorrow” artists and coordinators are (from left) Matt Burman, Warwick Arts Centre head of programme and audiences; novelist Tim Pears; Paul Warwick, Warwick Arts Centre associate producer; artist Ruth Claxton; Tom Creed, theatre director and arts festival director; Camille O’Sullivan, singer, actor, painter and architect; and Alan Rivett, Warwick Arts Centre director.