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PhD Conference Poster Session

The poster sessions will take place on Thursday 18 February in the Economics Staff and PhD Common Rooms.
  • Universal Social Pension and Spousal Labor Supply in Rural Thailand

    Yang Huang (PSE)

  • Waging War and Losing Wages: The Effect of WWII Casualties on U.S. Manufacturing

    Andreas Ferrara (Warwick)

  • Adverse Selection in Micro-Health Insurance Markets - Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial in Pakistan

    Torben Fischer (Mannheim)

  • To Work or Not to Work. The Impact on Health of Rising Pension Age in Italy

    Chiara Ardito (Turin)

  • How Concentrated are Local Labour Markets? Evidence from Job Mobility Networks

    Jan Sebastian Nimczik (Mannheim)

  • The Right to Secede: the Political Economy of Exit Clauses

    Martijn Huysmans (Leuven)

  • Snakes and Spiders: Endogenous Choice of Organizational Structure

    Vladimir Tyazhelnikov (UC Davis)

  • Emigration and Firm Productivity: Evidence from the Sequential Opening of EU Labour Markets

    Nadzeya Laurentsyeva (Munich)