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Warwick Policy Lab lecture - Dr Kanayo F. Nwanze

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Warwick Policy Lab lecture - Dr Kanayo F. Nwanze

Dr Kanayo F. Nwanze visits Warwick to speak at the next Warwick Policy Lab (WPL) lecture.

The WPL lecture series is open to all University students and staff and invites speakers from outside the University to speak on interesting and important real world issues.

The aim of these guest lectures are to help students interpret what they have learnt in lectures and classes to interesting and important real world situations and subjects.

Event details

Dr Kanayo F. Nwanze
President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

"Connecting the dots: how development grows peace and stability"

Tuesday 1st March 2016
6.00pm - 7.15pm

Woods Scawen, Warwick Arts Centre (view on interative map)

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About the lecture

Conflict has many causes, from the local to the geopolitical, but it thrives on desperation. Hunger, poverty, inequality, poor governance, persistent indignity and lack of opportunity are all contributing factors.

Agenda 2030 aims to address the root causes of the desperation that too often results in conflict or compels people to leave their homelands. Moreover, it has been recognized that rural development will generate rich payoffs across the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that underpin Agenda 2030, because rural areas are where 75% of the world’s poorest and most of its children, women and men live. But they have tremendous potential to contribute to food security, environmental protection, and economic growth. Rural people grow the world's food and are stewards of natural resources.

However, poverty reduction is more than economics or adding to GDP. Development must address a range of social dimensions, and even the environmental context that rural people contend with on a daily basis. We often talk of creating a climate for investment; we are also trying to create a climate of peace.

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