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Warwick Policy Lab lecture - Senior GCHQ speaker

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Warwick Policy Lab lecture - Senior GCHQ speaker

A senior GCHQ speaker will visit Warwick to speak as part of the Warwick Policy Lab (WPL) guest lecture series.

The WPL lecture series is open to all University students and staff and invites speakers from outside the University to speak on interesting and important real world issues.

The aim of these guest lectures are to help students interpret what they have learnt in lectures and classes to interesting and important real world situations and subjects.

Event details

Senior GCHQ speaker
"What would Machiavelli do about cyber security?"

Tuesday 3 May 2016

M1, Warwick Business School Teaching Centre (view on interative map)

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About GCHQ

News bulletins at the moment are filled with the brutal advance of ISIL in the Middle East, the clash between Russia and Ukraine, and the rise of cybercriminals and online paedophiles.

GCHQ is a security and intelligence organisation tasked by Government to protect the nation from threats like these. Working with SIS and MI5, they are responsible for giving the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary the information needed for their decisions.

GCHQ's predecessors were providing this intelligence as early as 1919, and in WW2 it was the tenacious and ingenious code-breakers of Bletchley Park whose work on the communications systems of the Axis powers was crucial to the Allied victory. Today, they are at the cutting edge of modern technology, delivering intelligence in the challenging communications environment of the cyber age. The Internet brings numerous blessings for society and for business, but it has a darker side as a refuge, resource and recruitment tool for terrorists and criminals. They also help to halt the spread of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons; and support our troops wherever they are deployed.