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Students' Question Time 2020

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Students' Question Time 2020

Following our annual Warwick Question Time event in October 2019, we invite you to join us for a debate on current affairs with our student panel from the Departments of Economics and PAIS at this year's Students' Question Time 2020.

Date: Thursday 27 February 2020
Time: 6.30 - 7.30pm
Room: Ramphal, R0.21

This year's chair

Lucy Ferriby-Stocks, Year 2, Politics and International Studies (PAIS)

My name is Lucy and I am a second year PAIS student. Through my A-levels and my degree I have had a strong interest in politics, both at home and abroad, with my recent focus surrounding the USA and the UK. This has also led to me developing a strong interest in international security, both the more traditional concepts like terrorism and war, as well as more critical aspects such as health and environmental security. Being the Academic Officer for the Politics Society has enabled me to develop this interest even further, along with my role as Head of News at the student radio station (RAW1251AM) where I have also seen the relationship between politics and the media and how significant political events are reported

This year's panellists

Arif Erdogan, Year 3, Politics and International Studies (PAIS)

My name is Arif and I am a finalist on the PAIS degree. Having represented Britain overseas at the Bali Democracy Forum, I am interested in how to bring about effective intercultural dialogue and exchange between British and international cultures. I am joining the panel in order to hear a plurality of opinions whilst also offering a perspective on the key issues of our times. My hobbies include long-distance running and cooking.

Izzy Buratta, Year 2, Economics

My name is Izzy and I’m second year economics student who enjoys finding opportunities to enhance my knowledge and understanding of how economics is applied in different contexts and exploring ways in which it can complement other disciplines in addressing topical issues. Outside of lectures, I’ve been involved in helping coordinate a Women in Economics workshop, undertaking a URSS research project on human rights and macroeconomics, working for the CORE economics project including judging a video competition and representing Warwick at The Economics Debate 2020, hosted by UCL. I’m honoured to have been selected and am excited to hear a wide variety of opinions from other panellists and the audience alike.

Will McMahon, Year 2, Economics

My name is Will McMahon and I am a second-year Economics undergraduate student with an interest in a range of topics within the discipline. Economics first attracted me because of its focus on finding answers to some of the world’s most important questions. Being a part of the 2020 Students’ Question Time panel is, therefore, a very exciting prospect. On campus, I am a Junior Editor for Assumptions, the Warwick Economics Society Magazine and Blog, and I am involved in the Rowing Club. I also enjoy cycling, reading and running.

Shreya Thummar, Year 3, Economics, Politics & International Studies

My name is Shreya Thummar, and I'm a third year EPAIS student. My primary interests in this field are Development Economics and Political Economy, especially reading about the intriguing impact of macroeconomic matters on various stakeholders. On campus I am involved with Warwick in Africa, the Finance Society, and write for The Boar. Apart from that I spend my time sipping coffee, checking out different restaurants and binging on Netflix. I look forward to joining the panel!

Alex Giurgea, Year 3, Politics and Sociology

I’m a Politics and Sociology finalist who strongly believes that interdisciplinarity and epistemological pluralism are the only ways to ensure knowledge remains a humanitarian, public project. My research interests lie in EU governance and the sociology of science. I’ve completed a URSS project on the emergence of the Three Seas Initiative, worked for the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and attended a summer school at Cornell University on international human rights. I’m currently a research assistant for PAIS and plan to pursue a career in Brussels after my studies.

Please note that photography and video recording will be taking place during the event.

If you require any reasonable adjustments under the Equalities Act 2010, please contact All reasonable efforts will be made to make the adjustments required to enable you to attend.


Registration for this event is mandatory. If you wish to be in audience for Students' Question Time, then please reserve your seat by registering your details below.

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*For first year economics students, attendance at this event will give you 10 credits towards your Personal Development Module. Please note that you must stay for the full event in order to receive these credits.