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Since 2013, our conference has been growing, receiving many applications every year from top institutions throughout the world. We have had the pleasure to host excellent presentations given by PhD students from Amsterdam, Columbia, University of California (Berkeley, LA, Davis, San Diego), LSE, Oxford, Mannheim, Michigan, Minnesota, MIT, PSE, Stockholm, Southampton, UCL, Warwick, and Zurich to name a few.

Information about past conferences can be found below:

“I had a great experience at the conference. It is perfect practice for the job market as the audience is from a variety of fields. Being assigned a discussant guarantees thorough feedback. The event was planned in a way to provide plenty of opportunity for interaction among participants, even after the presentation. It provides a possibility to talk to Warwick faculty who could also attend the talk, as it happens close to their offices. Hospitality and accommodation was very convenient and comfortable. I really appreciate the funding for travel, especially as a PhD student. I needed to apply for a visa to get to the conference and the organisers were very quick and professional in helping me obtain the required documents. Great campus and would love to visit again!”
Testimonial - Akhil Ilango, (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 2022 Participant)
“I had a very positive experience at the Ph.D. Conference of Warwick. The conference assigns you a discussant who is required to give feedback on your paper. Organization was impeccable and allowed for plenty of opportunities to interact with other students. Warwick Faculty attend the seminar, in my case it was very useful to talk to one of the econometrics faculty working in my field -network econometrics. A high quality of applicants leads to rich discussions on the substantive aspects of each paper. Travel funding for students outside Europe was a big incentive to participate.”
Testimonial - Alejandro Sanchez (University of Pennsylvania, 2019 Participant)
“The Warwick Economics PhD conference is one of the best student-ran conferences that I’ve attended. It brought together great papers from different fields in economics, and it was not only an incredible opportunity to learn, but also a chance to make friends with like-minded peers in the profession.”
Testimonial - David Y. Yang (Stanford University, 2015 Participant)

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