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2020/21 Programme


Upcoming Guest Lectures 2020-21

Term One

Date Time/Location Speaker Lecture Title Registration Details

Monday 15 March 2021

3.00 - 4.00pm,
Microsoft Teams -
Live Webinar

Tim Harford
Economist, journalist & broadcaster

How To Start a Public Health Revolution with a Pie Chart Registration closed

Wednesday 17 February

6.00-7.00pm, Microsoft Teams - Live Webinar

Allie Renison

Head of EU and Trade Policy

The Whole Is Greater than the Sum of our Parts: Shared Outcomes and Interests after Brexit Registration closed

Wednesday 3 February

5.00-6.00pm, Microsoft Teams - Live Webinar

Elina Ribakova

Deputy Chief Economist

In pursuit of national economic security Registration closed

Monday 2 November

6.00-7.00pm, Microsoft Teams - Live Webinar

Professor Molly Scott Cato

Economist and Writer


Build back better: What should the post-covid Economy look like? Registration closed

Wednesday 4 November

12.00-1.30pm, Microsoft Teams - Live Webinar

Grace Blakeley

Economics commentator for the Tribune Magazine

The Corona Crash: How the pandemic will change Capitalism Registration closed

Thursday 26 November 2020

6:00- 7:00pm Microsoft Teams - Live Webinar

Dr Keston Perry


Climate reparations: how did we get here? Registeration closed