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Do the social sciences need a shake-up?

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Do the social sciences need a shake-up?


An article by Professor Andrew Oswald has been featured on the Times Higher Education website, examining the current state of the social sciences.

Alongside Amanda Goodall, Professor Oswald references a highly critical article that appeared in The New York Times by Nicholas Christakis, and broadly agrees with the idea that the social sciences are indeed in need of a shake-up.

“The iceberg-like immensity of the modern social sciences means that it is going to be difficult to say anything coherent and truly general across them”, states Andrew and Amanda’s article. “What matters is whether social scientists are doing their job of helping humans to understand the world and improve life.”

The writer of the article being discussed, Nicholas Christakis, is a world-renowned Professor of Social and Natural Science at Yale University and will be visiting Warwick Department of Economics later this month.

View the full article on the Times Higher Education website; “Do the social sciences need a shake-up?”. Free registration may be required to view the article.