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News for October 2014

Thomas Wilson, a Philosophy, Politics and Economics student at the University of Warwick, has been awarded a Scholarship for Excellence.

University graduates who went to independent schools earn more than their peers from state schools, new Warwick research shows.

World-renowned Professor of Social and Natural Science at Yale University lectures on ‘The Structure and Function of Human Social Networks’.

Universal preschool for three-year-olds is expensive and only leads a small number of women into work, research shows.

Three Department of Economics students among student prize winners

Upcoming event gives students the chance to continue the debate.

An article by Professor Andrew Oswald has been featured on the Times Higher Education website, examining the current state of the social sciences.

Professor Kimberley Scharf from the Department of Economics has been looking at whether there is a formula for the ‘perfect ask’ in online fundra...

Michael Waterson, Professor of Industrial Economics, writes for The Conversation.