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Dr Kanayo Nwanze to give guest lecture

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Dr Kanayo Nwanze to give guest lecture


Dr Nwanze, President of The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), will be delivering a guest lecture, entitled "The Cost of Inaction", at the University of Warwick on Thursday 22nd January as part of the Department of Economics 360 lecture series.

Dr. Nwanze will make the case that if we are serious about ending under nutrition and hunger, and narrowing the gap between the worlds richest and poorest, we must transform the often neglected, rural areas of the developing world since they are home to 75 per cent of the world's poorest people.

He is currently serving for a second four-year term at the IFAD, a specialized agency of the United Nations, and has a strong record as an advocate and leader with a keen understanding of complex development issues.

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Economics 360

This will be the second guest lecture of this academic year’s 360 lecture series. Previously, Jonathan Portes, Director of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research spoke about Immigration and the UK economy.

Watch Jonathon Portes' Economics 360 Lecture below: