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Dr Novy discusses the UK leaving the EU during live BBC Radio interview

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Dr Novy discusses the UK leaving the EU during live BBC Radio interview


Dr Dennis Novy appeared in a live interview with BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire yesterday, discussing comments made by Lord Bamford, chairman of JCB, that leaving the EU would not necessarily be a big problem for British business.

With the promise an in-out referendum on the UK's EU membership by the end of 2017, many are considering the future role of the UK within the European Union and Lord Bamford stated that “we are the fifth or sixth largest economy in the world. We could exist on our own - peacefully and sensibly".

Appearing on the Phil Upton Drive show on BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire, Dr Novy said:

In general businesses are in favour [of staying in the EU] and I think Lord Bamford’s view is a little bit short sighted.

He says that Britain is such a large economy and could stand on their own and negotiate all these great agreements with countries like China and the US. The reality is Britain would be a very weak partner in those negotiations; the US or China would put a take it or leave it offer on the table and Britain would have no say.

Also, somehow there is this assumption that if Britain leaves the EU, a lot of the red tape would disappear; it will not just disappear it will just be replaced by other red tape coming from Westminster.

It’s a difficult issue that we need to keep thinking about a bit harder.

The interview is available until 17th June on the BBC website. The feature starts at 1:53:28, with Dr Novy starting at 1:54:05.