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Dr Novy argues Greece could survive with a Tsipras government

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Dr Novy argues Greece could survive with a Tsipras government


Dr Dennis Novy recently featured in the City A.M. newspaper in an opinion piece arguing whether Alexis Tsipras can survive as Greece’s Prime Minister amid the latest Greek bailout deal.

In the for-or-against article, Dr Novy was voicing his opinion that the Tsipras government could survive:

Alexis Tsipras will be able to survive, for one simple reason: there’s no better alternative. The Greeks don’t want to leave the Eurozone. The last months have shown that the government’s previous approach hasn’t worked.

Predominantly, this is because of too much resistance from other countries, particularly Germany. But now, Tsipras has changed course. The opposition tends to agree with this move. But huge challenges remain.

The economy is down at depression level, unemployment is sky high, and there are imbalances across the Eurozone. What is really needed is institutional reform of the EU.

Read the full article, including the against argument, on the City A.M. website; "Can Alexis Tsipras survive as Greece’s Prime Minister?".